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10 Red Dead Online Tips and Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a mammoth of a game. You will need to spend many hours on Rockstar’s cowboy epic of a game, to understand it fully. Below are our ten

Judi Online tips to help you in your journey on the Red Dead Online.

  1. Do Story Matchmaking

You can queue in matchmaking lobbies, tackle story missions out of order and later missions can help you earn a lot of cash.

  1. Use Dead Eye for Hunting

Dead eye highlights animal vitals and is a handy tool when targeting smaller prey like fox and squirrel.

  1. Issue Simple Commands to your Horse

Hold down the left trigger while you’re close to Morgan’s horse ad help it to stay, flee or follow.

  1. Turn on Toggle to Run

You only have to tap A/X once, rather than constantly hold it down when you turn Toggle to Run in the main controls menu.

  1. Don’t Ignore Treasure Hunts

You can explore and kill bandit leaders to get maps to treasures, but note that the find can be both big and small.

  1. Learn Your HUD Options

For a more immersive experience, turn off your radar and other on-screen displays. A quick tap of down on the D-pad will briefly bring your radar back up in this HUD-free mode.

  1. Keep your Cores Topped Up

Make sure to regularly open up your satchel to let Morgan eat and drink sufficiently well. Also ensure he’s well-rested. Same applies for the horse.

  1. Keep Your Honor Meter in Mind

Perform any action on the game by keeping the honor meter in mind i.e., how honorable as an outlaw you are, or aren’t.

  1. Keep Your Horse in Whistling Range

Try to stay within proximity with your pony pal. Better the bonding level, farther away can you whistle for it.

  • Shoot into Air

It is a good move to keep predators and potential foes away.

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