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Pokemon Go had its share of gamers when it was launched a few years back.  Pokemon Go is classified under Android games because you are using your mobile phone in playing it.

Back in the years,  Pokemon was still played through Game boy, PSP and other gaming devices.  It literally offered difficult challenges for catching and evolving a pokemon.

One of the rarest pokemon that is hard to catch is a Mew.  Although every Pokemon is considered legendary, every kind has its own level of difficulty.

Mew and Mew two are some of the legendary Pokemon.  Even as they move to an Android platform, Mew still belongs to the hard Pokemon to catch.

Pokemon Go players discovered the easiest way to catch the rare ones.  However, if you are not an expert in Pokemon, you will really find it hard to catch a Mew.

Pokemon Go players often used a hack to catch one.  These Pokemon Go hack is sometimes effective in catching the most elusive type.

The level of difficulty for catching rare legendary Pokemon depends on your research skills.  You need to learn and discover how these Pokemon behave and you will eventually learn the fastest skill to catch them.

How to Catch Mew

By completing the tasks assigned by Professor  Willow, players get to unlock the mythical Discovery Pokemon, Mew.

There is a relatively easy way to catch a Mew

  1. You need to spin 5 Poke stops which is equivalent to 500 XP.
  2. Better catch 10 Pokemon, that is again another 500 XP.
  3. And finally, transfer 5 Pokemon. That is equivalent to 500 XP.

You will get 10 great balls, 1 incubator, and 10 lures.

Just do anything that Professor Willows dictates and, you will eventually catch that Mew, and  Mew too.  Catching them and getting them to evolve is like a trophy for a grand prize.

You will feel all the pain and tiredness, after a great fight but then it feels so worthy in the end.