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Top 3 DJ Fails

What Makes Music Our Life?

Music creates the most beautiful background in our lives. There is almost always one particular music that rings our memory as we remember our moments in time. Truly, music inspires most of us.

We all have that soundtrack in our lives that we almost always remember. Music reminds us of so many things like our young adult lives in disco houses, bars, and clubs.

Knowing The Person behind Good Music Mix

One thing we recall is the mix of drinks and good music. But, have we ever thought of the person manning the nice music mixes for us? Perhaps, we can tell that a nice rhythm is perfectly combined with a good DJ, a disc jockey.

A disc jockey or DJ for most have the ears and passion for music. They can build and recreate the rhythm to suit our taste and the mood in that specific moment. Nevertheless, the life of the party depends on how good the DJ mixes the music.

Did you know that even the most experienced DJ in town have some horrible tales to tell?   They certainly have some bad habits that have ruined their performance once in their lives and they feel disgusted about it.

Here are some DJ Fails that even those belonging to the top 100 DJs of Canada have done in their job.

  1. Sound FX Overload

Yes, we can appreciate the use of a good sound fx but even the most experienced DJs have overuse this thing.   It adds to the thrill, excitement, and fun, but overuse of FX can ruin the quality of the sound and the music itself.

They realize that it isn’t good to overdo something. So keep in mind future DJs, do everything in moderation.

  1. Starting off with the Best Tracks.

The bar has its people come and go. If you want to hold your crowd, you must keep them clamoring for more. It will be good to keep the best tracks in the last few minutes of your time. That would keep your audience to wait until your last playlist.

  1. Don’t Get Drunk

We can’t help it, but in an environment where a DJ thrives, there’s always a room for alcohol bingeing.   Once a DJ get drunk, the music he mixes, mixed up with his drunkenness and it ruins the day.

If you want to be a good DJ, you must need to practice self-control and be on top of your game all the time.

DJs are considered pilot of the airwaves, the manipulator of sounds. It needs practice and discipline in order to become one. Who knows you might be in the next Top 100 DJs of Canada?

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