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Techniques in stripping beer bottles

Do you ever experience having some quick drink and suddenly, you look at the bottle your holding and realize what amagnificent work of art it is? You decided to keep that bottle to be used as décor on your living room. But the biggest question is: How do you remove the stubborn beer labels on the bottle without leaving an adhesive mark or scratches?

So here are a couple of techniques that will help you in removing the labels on the bottle the easy way.


One of the quickest and easiest ways is to simply peel off the labels on the bottle. The downside of this is that sometimes, the adhesive that was used was so sticky, thin sheets of the paper will be left behind, which therefore you will end up scraping jus to get off, leaving adhesive traces.


Soaking the bottles in water and dish soap is also one of the easiest methods to apply. Here are the steps in how to do it.

  • Soak the beer bottle in the water.
  • Add some dish soap
  • Soak for a couple of hours. The more they are soaked, the easier it is to peel the label.
  • After soaking, the label should slide right off the bottle without the need for scrubbing.


We could say that scraping is the methods when the first two fails. As such of course, get ready to see scratches on your bottle, especially if you use a very sharp material to scrape it.

Overall, these are the usual ways of removing the beer labels off the bottles without much sweat. Just follow any of the given techniques above and you’ll definitely get a shiny, clean and flawless beer bottle that you can use as a display in your living room. You know, just some trophy to prove how good of a drinker you are!

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