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Why Do Certain Files Failed to Open?

Once in your life, you must have encountered failure to open the files you send and receive. If it is your first time to see these.  Then you must be wondering what went wrong.

Did they just send you the wrong file? Or the files are just corrupted.  These are things that run in your mind.  What you see is just the prompt or command that you have to convert the files in PDF format to be viewed.

Did you freak out? What the hell is this PDF format is all about?  If you are constantly sending and receiving files, PDF should already be a familiar term for you.

Files are saved in many different formats.  There are JPG, PNG, MP4, MP3 and the likes. It depends on what type of file you are saving.  If it is mostly pictures or images, it is often saved in the PNG or JPG format.

Something that uses music or video is saved in the MP3 or MP4 format.  When you send this file to a person who uses a different computer, it may not read the files.  That is why you cannot open it.

PDF is the universal file acceptable by all computers and software.  It is highly readable by all PCs whatever brand or version it is.

How to Convert Files to PDF format?

This is the most common questions of people using document files.  It is fairly easy to convert one.

Let’s take for example PNG file.  Converting PNG to PDF is simple and easy.  You don’t even have to download a converter.  Simply look for a good converter online.

Drag or click the link in the box.  Click Convert.  It will then process the conversion of whatever type of document into a PDF file.

After which, save the file.  You can now send the file to anyone you want to give it to. It is easy and very practical to use free conversion online.

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