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Lanyards And Its Many Uses

Long before, we know it as lanyards, it was first known as ID lace.  It is kind of sleek and is used particularly for holding IDs.  But when the printing business starts to pick-up,   id lace variations had come up.

Originally, lanyards would mean any cord or strap that you wear around your wrist or shoulder to hold anything like keys, IDs, badges and anything that you need to carry around your body.

Since lanyards have been introduced before as an ID lace, it gained popularity.  Many companies, schools, and universities have joined the bandwagon for wearing lanyards.

Why are Lanyards a Fashion Statement?

In the old days, wearing ID is a sort of embarrassment especially to students. They would often hide their IDs. because it was not too fashionable. When the lanyard ID holder came out, Most students become proud of wearing their IDs.  They realized how fashionable lanyards are to wear.

If you got fancy designs, it will help you look cool wearing those lanyard id holders.  The many different designs used for lanyards enable it to become a student favorite.

Other Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards aren’t just for holding your IDs.  It has many other uses which guarantee to give you that cool fashion statement.

  • Lanyards can be a keyholder
  • Lanyards can be a wrist holder for your personal belongings like mobile phones.
  • Lanyards can hold other things like keys, mobile phones, and badges

Are Lanyards Cheap?

Lanyards are quite expensive compared to the usual ID lace.  The material used is different from the usual ID lace.  However, there are cheap lanyards  available, the ones that use cheaper material.

You can also have a personalized lanyard. You can look for a cheap lanyard printing that makes personalized ones. You can express your own fashion statement through this personalized lanyard prints.

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