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Immigration Tips – The 3 Best Lawyers in Toronto You Should Consult With

Immigrating to a different country can be daunting for some. There’s filing all the necessary paperwork and making sure your finances required for the application are dealt with. There’s also dealing with the legal process of moving in which a lot of people need help to understand.

The best help you can get with are lawyers who can fully guide you in your big move. With their expertise on the matter, your application will be less stressful than you could ever imagine.

Looking to move to Toronto, Canada but don’t know where to start? Below are 3 best lawyers in no particular order that you should consult with:

Matthew Jeffery Barrister and Solicitor

For more than 15 years, many have come to the Law Office of Matthew Jeffrey for legal help in immigrating. They’ve represented clients from Canada and abroad. They deal with citizenship and permanent residency matters and have accumulated over a number of successful stories from their clients.

They are known to be reliable, honest and open to their clients, which is something one needs in dealing with immigration counsel.

Email Address: info@matthewjeffery.com

Ilene Solomon Immigration Law

Ilene Solomon is known as one of the best immigration lawyer toronto for citizenship and immigration. Although she’s located in Toronto, she manages to represent clients in the United States area as well. She’s known to be accessible wherein her clients claim that she gives advices over the phone. It comes with an affordable rate and one that is trusted by many.

Ilene is also known to make the immigrant application process very simple.

Email Address: ilene@isimmigrationlaw.com

Chaudhary Law Office

Started in 1995, Chaudhary Law Office has been helping many with their Canadian visas. This includes immigration, citizenship, study permits and the like. They’re known to give the right advice for your application. Their approaches in regards to your problems are straightforward that you will never waste any time with them.

Email Address: max@chaudharylaw.com

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