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10 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do

Virtual Assistants help you get the most out of your business by doing what they do best which is to provide the right assistance for you. They help you reduce cost wherein a single VA can do many jobs and at the same time, work from their own homes. There’s no need for any relocation or providing office equipment. All you need to do is hire a VA and they’ll do most of the tasks for you.

But what are these tasks you might ask. There are many things they can do. But below are 10 of the many tasks a VA knows how to perform:

Plan Events

You don’t have to worry about planning events when a VA can do that for you. Your once messy calendar of activities is going to find some semblance of order once your VA gets down to it. They can schedule appointments, meetings and other necessary business schedules you need to attend to.


VAs can do research work for your business projects. If you’re doing your thesis, they can also make use of your time by researching for you. They’ll only need to prepare all the data and hand them over to you at the end of the deadline period.

Answer Emails

Ever had any problems checking and answering your emails? VAs can help you with that. They’ll be sure to check, read and answer your most important emails on time and screen spams so you won’t have to deal with them anymore.


You don’t have to worry about managing your tasks while you’re away or you’re busy with more important stuff. VAs can manage and do administrative work for you.

Personal Tasks

Not only are VAs beneficial to business related task but they can help you with your personal tasks as well. They can schedule that much needed haircut, purchase a gift for that birthday you’re attending this weekend or do your grocery shopping.


When you’re a busy person, everything is all piled up at the same time. You won’t know which task is which and you’ll end up with a pile of mess instead. VAs can organize your work load so you don’t have to deal with the headache.

Create Content

Businesses need blogs and other social media content to promote them. VAs can write articles, update your social media and provide creative content for your business to use.


A VA can be your bridge to communicating with your other employees. They can distribute instructions and tasks to them which saves a lot of time in the workplace.

Reception Duties

Answering emails isn’t the only thing a VA can do. They can take calls and messages and will relay them to you.

Everything Else

A VA can help you with everything you’re concerned about in the workplace. Delegation, scheduling, researching, you name it. VAs are a big help to the workforce and they can be hired full time or part time. Use outsourcing tasks with the help of your VAs and you’ll have a problem free work environment in no time.

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