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5 Ways To Help You Boost Your Conversions On Instagram

80% of Instagram users follow brands on the leading photo sharing network site. And, that’s quite a lot. It means you have ample opportunity generate conversions for your brand on Instagram. The good news is the post below offers a brief on top hacks to boost your conversions on Instagram.

Get Business account

A lot of newbies don’t understand this. But you simply should not do business from your personal Instagram account. You have to get a separate business account for your brand. It will render a professional edge to your brand – something that’s not possible with a personal account. Moreover, Instagram has rolled out certain features to help in brand promotion that are exclusively for business accounts.

Buy real Instagram Likes

Humans have the naturally tendency to flock to a place which is already liked and followed by others. Now, if you are a new business, it will take you years to popularize your brand on Instagram. But, if you buy real Instagram likes from real Instagram followers- your Instagram account will gain social proof of popularity instantly. It will establish your brand as a credible name and inspire Instagram users to turn to you for real business dealings.

Count on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to promote your brand and they receive 300 million+ views every day. You can feature your live videos and latest collections with CTAs on Stories.

Share user-generated content

User-generated contents are a wonderful way to establish credibility on part of your brand. Humans tend to bank more on customer testimonials than on promotional messages by a business itself.

Use relevant hashtags

Instagram posts that come with hashtags have shown to drive 12.6 percent more engagement compared to those that don’t post with hashtags. So, use relevant hashtags to leverage content discovery, optimization, engagement and simultaneously conversion.

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