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Unique Label Types for your Branding

What makes a brand name unique? It is their labeling designs. Instead of the mediocre type of design why not make it more creative and edgy, if it troubles you to think of a particular style that would spread popularity and increase your consumers then try to improvise it with your unique ideas. There are varieties of product labels, some brand companies chose those well customized and sealed type labels for others the square cut labels which is the most common type of product label design. It is really eye catching when you are able to read well at the same get fondly excited by its labeling, so how do you manage to gain that feeling? Here are some unique label types that you can use.

  1. Dry Peel labels. It can easily be remove by just one peel away. When sticking it to your products, an adhesive is use for the temporary labels usually we use this for redeemable coupons.
  2. Reseal labels. If you’re more of food products, the reseal label is the perfect fit for you. It’s a double purpose type of label wherein underneath it is another label, you’re able to seal the label to read the information about the products and seal back again. It is widely popular to food packaging and medicines.
  3. Specialty die-cut labels. It is often use for bottles, jars and for aesthetics. It is easy to use and you can customize your preferred cut for your labels. For example water bottles, it can comes with different shapes right? So specialty die-cut labels can be the best option for its labeling. By the way there are some websites that allow water bottle labels for free.
  4. Prime labels. For this type of labeling, it’s the highest form of product labeling because it is often use to high quality stocks with detailed information. It’s usually displayed in front of the products that are printed out well with bold color.

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