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Three Solution Ideas for Private Product Labeling

Did you know that Private Product labeling is more prone to elevating loyal customers? Of course you may wonder, why? Because private labeling as mentioned by the articles that I’ve searched, it is manufactured by the third party manufacturer but market as the retailer’s own brand name. Third party manufacturer will give more enhancements on your product labeling which help you with the increase of the market value and customers are able to distinguish the products that you’ve made from other companies, it’s showing the edge of your brand name. To go into details, let’s learn the solutions for private labeling.

  1. Screen Printing. It is suitable to most of the materials used for product packaging such as glass bottles, stainless cup, T-shirts and so on. It’s a popular and common method of printing out logos to your products but here’s the downside it’s not suitable for gradient color design, so if you happen to make it as your style then thermal transfer is your solution.
  2. Thermal Solution. From the title itself, it requires a specific temperature range which is from 140 to 180 degree Celsius. Compared to other printing solution, the thermal solution is quite pricey and it’s not suitable for all type of materials. You can use this type of method when you’re dealing with wood, leather, stainless steel, glass and so on. Lastly like I have mentioned earlier, gradient color design is perfect for this. This also known worldwide, custom labels New York has this type of method as well.
  3. Laser Printing or Engraving. It gives finesse to your products; I often see this kind of customization from necklaces, key chains and company pens. Customers tend to love the idea of engraved products especially when buying gifts for someone and we mostly see this kind of products in mall stores.

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