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Understand The Procedure To Set Up A Vpn In Windows 10

In general, if you want to use a blocked website securely, at that time, you can set up a VPN in your device. In case you are having doubt of what is the procedure to set up a VPN in Windows 10, below, you can find the procedures.

Steps To Set Up A VPN In Windows 10:

  • At first, search for the virtual private in the start menu and then you have to choose ‘Change virtual private networks’.
  • Then you have to select add a VPN connection option on that VPN page.
  • After that, the next step is, you have to give the connection name. the connection must be, which VPN you are going to use. Some of the popular VPNs are ExpressVPN, work VPN, speedify VPN and much more. You can choose your needed one.
  • For just $9.99 you can grab official VPNs.
  • In order to give the server address or name, you have to type in the IP address or hostname of the VPN server in an effective manner.
  • This address and name should be given by the service provider or the IT department.
  • In order to choose the type of VPN, you have to select the IPsec or L2TP with the pre-shared key and then, below it, have to type in the pre-shared key.
  • This also should be given by the service provider or the IT department.
  • Then the process of the sign in will takes place, there you have to leave it as the username and the password. There, below, you can type the official username and password.
  • Finally, click the save option and the process will be completed.

With that, VPN has set up in windows 10 official and you can make use of it in an extraordinary manner.

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