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Do Promotional Merchandise Make Great Corporate Gifts?

We know what great corporate gifts to give are. They’re the usual office stuff you see such as mugs, pillows, pens and notes. These may be just the usual stuff but they sure are useful. You don’t even have to be worried if you give the same stuff every year since they all get used anyway.

So imagine all these ordinary office stuff but with your company brand on them? Not only would they use these very day but they’ll also remember your company name and be reminded of it every time they use them. It’s the best way to market your business and at the same time an ideal corporate gift.

Here are 3 reasons why promotional merchandise make great corporate gifts:

Low-Cost Marketing

Promotional merchandise are great as gifts because they fit the marketing budget. They’re even suited for small businesses too. Companies don’t need to do a huge advertising campaign with ones that involve TV ads or billboards. Giving out mugs or coffee tumblers with their company brand on it is a marketing tactic that works effectively too.

Strong Client Relationship

Building strong client relationships is a must for your company. With promotional merchandise, you’ll be able to do just that. Get to know your client and give them something that carries your brand. Not only would they appreciate such a gesture but they’ll be reminded constantly of where it came from as well.


Your company needs a wide and proper exposure for it to grow bigger. With billboards, newspaper ads and TV ads, these only pass through your mind once you see it. But with promotional merchandise such as a lanyard, a keychain, or a printed shirt, the ad lingers and your company name gets remembered longer.

Remember to give out promotional merchandise as corporate gifts often. You may even call them freebies if there isn’t any occasion. Check out the gift market Singapore industry for samples. It’s the perfect way to build your business and make it known worldwide faster.

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