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Remember These 5 Tips While Choosing The Right Rowing Machine

If you are a rowing machine savvy and utilized the local gym’s rowing machine to the fullest, you might want to buy one for your home. There are so many models by different brands available in the market, and it can get little confusing for you. Take into account the below 5 tips to help you choose an indoor rowing machine for your home.

  1. What kind of resistance are you looking for?

If you love rowing and worked out on different machines, you’ll have a fair idea about resistance. You can choose a rowing machine depending on the type of resistance you prefer: air, water, hydraulic or magnetic. The working principles of air and magnetic rowers are similar, but magnetic ones are more compact. A hydraulic rower has resistance in form of pistons, and water rowers give a real life feel of rowing in water (along with the quiet, slashing sound!).

  1. What is the size you can accommodate at your home?

You need to choose a rowing machine depending on how much workout space you have at your home. But you should also consider the length. A rower’s length should be enough to straighten your legs for correct rowing position.

  1. How comfortable is it?

A rower should have spacious, contoured seat to help you seat comfortably. There is no point in compromising on the comfort when you’re investing the money.

  1. What’s the price?

Look for best features in the resistance category you prefer, that come within your budget. Check for deals and offers as well as reviews before buying one.

  1. What’s the maintenance level?

Different categories of rowers need different maintenance. It is advisable to buy a machine which is low on maintenance. Air, water and magnetic rowers are ideal for indoor rowing because of their low maintenance.

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