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Jewelry Making – Types Of Elastic Cord

DIY jewelry making is a fun hobby wherein you make homemade jewelries such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. Your materials include beads, elastic cords and Koordstoppers. They’re so simple that anyone can do it.

The basics of jewelry making include choosing the right elastic cord for you to use around your wrist or neck. Below are a few types of elastic cord that might interest you before buying the necessary materials needed:

Stretch Floss

Though this type of cord may have a wide array of colors in its availability, it’s mostly available in sizes that are usually 0.7mm and 0.5mm. But this is also preferred by DIY jewelry makers for smaller beads.

Stretch floss is known to be durable and doesn’t stretch out through time. It’s made up of strands of stretchable material. You’ll know when it eventually stretches out when your beads are hanging by a very thin string. Nonetheless, it’s a preferred elastic cord and one that is affordable.

Rubber Cords

Rubber cords are single strand round cords. They come in different sizes and are perfect for when you want to use large beads. The only problem with these cords is that they’re quite a challenge to knot. Sometimes, a drop of glue is used in order for it not to untie.

But don’t be discouraged from buying this as rubber cords are quite reliable as well.

Stretch Cord

Made from polyester with its core being elastic, stretch cords are often used in hair accessory jewelries. This is because the cord is visible such as having sparkles and glitters around it.  It’s a design in itself. Due to its thickness, the knot for this cord may be difficult to hide and it is not advisable to use with jewelry but rather for accessories.

Creating your own jewelries and accessories is fun. For your next hobby, you can try them out soon and maybe you’ll find a talent for it as well.

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