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Great Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Games to Play with Friends

Playing multiplayer games has been considered to be a great feat in the world of technology. This is because it allows people in the virtual world to still stay connected with each other, and also allows people to not feel so alone while playing. Instead of playing against an algorithm, you get to play with real people. This is one of the reasons why games like bandar bola have also become extremely popular. With that said, what are some great games that you can play with your friends as well? Let’s find out below!


While this game is a multiplayer one, it is, however, not an online game. To reap its benefits, you still have to be within the same area with your friends. The speed and the chaos will definitely ensue in shouting a lot of made-up space commands, and the goal is to eventually be awarded medals in a “posthumous” manner. It’s a crazy fun game that a lot of kids will surely love.


Words with Friends 2

This is essentially an updated version of Words With Friends. The essence of the game is that you get an online stranger or friend which will take turns when it comes to getting points on the board, and spell out the words in a Scrablle-style. There are various rounds and each round entails different challenges, besting your fellow players out in the process.



This game hasn’t really been that famous as a multiplayer game back then, but it has somehow revived its popularity when it got into third-party servers and third-party mods. Any update that will be coming out for Minecraft will make the game a better one, eventually. This is a game that is always best to be played when you have friends around.

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