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List Of Best Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Choosing one character here is not an easy task but unless you have rainbow six siege hacks, you need to be very careful during this. All the characters are amazing in different scenarios but still here is a list of best Rainbow Six Siege Operators

  1. Thermite and Hibana

They are a great example of an excellent team. These are the two of the main breachers and their ability to breach well reinforced walls is the games fundamental mechanics. These two attackers can cut deep into the defense. Take one or both of these for the best chance in almost all situations

  1. Maverick

He is the newest breacher but his play style is very different. He uses a blow torch and creates smaller holes. It takes some practice to use his blowtorch efficiently.

  1. Thatcher

He comes with very cool EMP grenades and is used to counter electric reinforcement of bandit and Kaid even a breacher cannot penetrate the defense. Breachers are rendered useless without Thatcher’s support.

  1. Ash

She is one of the best operators. This is mainly because of her amazing R4-C assault Rifle, her amazingly high speed and her smaller body height that makes her a hard target to hit. She also has a breaching grenade launcher with which she can easily breach soft walls and as a rusher she can overpower weak defender weapons.

  1. Sledge and Buck

They both accomplish the same goal but in very different ways. Sludge with his Titular hammer and Buck with his rifle-mounted shotgun and both with their frag grenades excel at soft wall breaching. Buck has unmatched breaching skills and Sledge has amazing versatility.

These were just some of 46 characters, it is really your strategy, skills and experience at the game that can help you excel at this game. So, give the game your time and you don’t even have to worry about character stats.

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