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How Is Vaping Harmful To Our Health?

The debate between smoking cigarettes and vaping is a never-ending argument. There are some people who agree and disagree with the facts that are often thrown out in their arguments. Although, there are some who agree that both are harmful. There are still no conclusions in the debate in question. This is because vaping is still quite new in our present time. There are only quite a few results that indicate that vaping is still the same as smoking cigarettes, but vaping is just a modernized way of smoking instead of the traditional Tabaco. You might want to stop searching for cheap ejuice deals online because here we will list down the harmful effects of vaping.

Vaping increases your chance of developing cancer

Vaping is still the same as a smoking cigarette in this regard because of how both use nicotine in their substance. This harmful chemical has a negative effect on our body and will make you suffer a lot of side effects whether it is mentally or physically.

Vaping harms your lungs and heart

Vaping can still be harmful to your lungs and heart. This is because of how similar vaping is to smoke cigarettes. The process of inhaling smoke and chemicals will increase your chance to get lung diseases and develop heart diseases. Stroke and lung cancer are the major causes of death smokers and people who vape.

Vaping can damage your teeth and gums

The harmful chemicals that are mixed inside the vape juices are the primary source of infection in your body. This will cause your teeth to turn into yellow and damage your gums. There are also harmful chemicals that can cause discoloration of your lips. Your lips will turn into brown color as well as your gums.

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