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Mass Produced Plastic Straw Vs Mass Produced Paper Straw: What’s The Difference In Cost?

Straws have been a valuable tool for us to drink our beverages, especially the cold ones quickly. In today’s standards, the ordinary mass-produced straw is usually made of two materials: the plastic one, and the paper ones. Hence, straws have their pros and cons. And some people may prefer to use one against the other.

The Difference Between The Two Straws

Aside from their use, these two kinds of straws differ from each other in terms of their materials.

The plastic straws are by far more commonly used as opposed to the paper ones. And they are more sturdy and durable compared to the plastic one and are recyclable too. The only downside is that if disposed of haphazardly, they can pose a threat to the environment.

Paper straws, on the other hand, have the same functionality as the plastic ones and are also recyclable too. The only advantage is that they are biodegradable and can’t easily harm the environment.

Now, The Cost

Let us divide the cost first into two parts, the production cost, and the cost of the straw if purchased.

First stop, the actual cost of the straws if purchased. In this case, plastic straws are comparatively cheaper compared to paper straws. Plastic straws only cost around 0.5 cents, whereas paper straws’ price ranges to about 2 to 3 cents.

And speaking of production costs, plastic straws are much easier and faster to manufacture compared to paper ones. Also, in plastic straw production, most of the work is automated, whereas, in paper production, the process is a bit more complicated, which really took a toll on its overall production cost.


Of course, the plastic straws are the clear winner when it comes to cost, yet it has a significant impact on the environment if not disposed of properly. Nowadays, new innovations are being adapted to make paper straws more cost-effective and can be as competitive as plastic straws when it comes to price.






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