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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Recover Their Fees If They Lose A Case?

It is very much possible for a lawyer to lose a case. It is disappointing and heart-breaking. But more than the heartbreak, it risks the financial stability of the lawyer. Unlike other lawyers, personal injury lawyers work on a fee basis. That means, they only charge a fee if they win the case.

Client isn’t liable to any losses

The client is not liable to pay the lawyer his fee if he loses the case. But there is a good part of the story, that is, even if the lawyer loses a case, his client will have to pay the costs that are associated with the case. That means the client is liable to pay costs that include travel costs. Jury fees, copying, research costs, and phone charges. The uniqueness of the case decides which all costs the client has to bear depending on the circumstances of the case.

Difference between cost and fees

As a lawyer, it is important for him to clear the difference between costs and fees to his client. As a client, he should know that even if he is hiring a lawyer based on contingency fees, he is still liable to bear all the costs that are there with the case regardless of his victory or loss.

One more way of recovering case fee is by charging an hourly fee. If a lawyer charges hourly fees, the client is liable to pay him a retainer. This retainer usually covers all the costs. It is very beneficial for the attorney because it eliminates the risk for him. But, it can be a little difficult for the clients =, because the sum is usually too high so the client’s do not prefer that. Most of the times hourly fees is charged when huge, risky accidents like accidents in Baltimore, or any such places happen, or from clients who can afford to pay that much.

As a personal injury lawyer, one should structure his payment in such a way that it proves beneficial for him even if he loses a case.

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