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Tips To Choose The Right Gaming Cpu

If you are someone who loves gaming on your computer, it is crucial to have a capable CPU. Equipped with the right type of CPU, you can convert your existing PC into a gaming PC hands down. You even get to save some bucks by only changing the central processing unit and not the entire system.

The performance of your system at the time of gaming directly depends on your CPU. While it can seem a little confusing at first, you can still choose the right kind of CPU by keeping the below few points in mind.

Tips to choose the suitable gaming CPU:

  • Know about the performance metrics of a CPU – clock speed and core count.

Core count is a measure of how many tasks the CPU can perform simultaneously, while clock speed is a measure of how quickly the tasks are getting done.

  • It is wise to choose a CPU with at least four cores for better gaming experience.
  • Since you also need a good graphics card for your gaming PC, try not to invest a lot in the CPU.
  • You can always get a decent quad-core CPU from famous vendors at a reasonable price.
  • Check out latest upgrades and new CPU releases in the market. Compare different models to have better idea.
  • Do some research on your own and check out reviews of different CPUs.
  • Know your needs for CPU. If you perform other CPU-intensive tasks on your machine apart from gaming, like video editing and/or streaming- get a more capable CPU. Your CPU needs also depends on whether you play high-end games or comparatively simpler ones that are less demanding on the CPU

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