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Do you want to slow down the aging process? Try getting anti-aging therapy with metformin!

Aging is something that is inevitable. Some visible signs will show you the effect of aging. Most of these signs are seen on the face of the people in the form of loose skin, wrinkles, and dark spots. No one can altogether avoid this, but it surely the rate of aging can be controlled with the help of anti-aging therapies. Also, these are best suited for preventing the premature aging signs in teens and adults.

Coming off to metformin, it is a medicine that is used to treat type 2 diabetes and PCOS, the polycystic ovary syndrome. Moreover, it is used to treat cancer, cardiovascular, and aging! Studies show that metformin can also prolong your living years.  

Besides its miraculous advantages, the wonder drug: metformin is safe to take!

It is best to take it in the under the guidance of a certified doctor and in the amount that is prescribed by him. It is safe, legal, and approved by food and drug administration (FDA).

Basic facts to know before stepping into the metformin anti-aging therapy!

  • The anti-aging therapies can be costly, so you will need to prepare your budget accordingly.  
  • The drug is available in two versions that is tablet and solution. The solution allows you to massage it over the areas that show aging signs. Pills work from within and balance your aging cell and hormones.
  • The drug comes under the name of these brands: Glucophage, Fortamet, and Glumetza.
  • The drug that metformin consists of as biguanides. It is used widely for medicinal purposes.

In a nutshell, metformin, until now proves to be the best medication and treatment when it comes to anti-aging therapies. People using it give positive feedback about the product.


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