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5 Blockchain Companies To Watch In 2019

With the continuous rise of cryptocurrency, it is undeniable that a lot of companies are emerging o provide excellent and quality services to the people who are into this form or financial instrument. With growing numbers of people and businesses who are using cryptocurrencies, the demand for service providers in relation to cryptocurrencies is undeniably high. As such, here are some of the big blockchain companies that you should watch in 2019.


Biki or Biki.com was founded in June 2018 and it is based in Singapore. It is known as one of the leading digital asset exchange that focuses on the global market. It has over 1.1 million registered users and 100,000 daily active users. It’s main kission is to bring digital assets to the mainstream.


Another blockchain company to watch in 2019 is YottaChain. It is a public blokchain that utilizes a different economic model and governance structure and high technology tools to communicate and connect storage resources and global computing. In the year 2018, YottaChainwas a top 20 finalist at the Founder World Champuonship in Silicon Valley.


This blockchain company is based in Berlin and it is a public listed company. This firm is known as the innovator of blockchain solutions for businesses across the globe.


The main goal of this blockchain company is to offer a transparent loan market loan marketplace that links borrowers and lenders across the globe. It builds prospect of unbanked and underbanked funds globally.


Another blockchain company that people are looking over this 2019 is Breach. It has one main goal in mind,: to make sure that the digital assets of people and busiensses are secured and protected.

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