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Silver: A Must Purchase in Jewelry

It is always a debate whether silver or gold is a better choice when it comes to purchasing jewelries. For some, they prefer gold as it is a head turner when worn outside, but other prefer silver as it is more practical to wear.

There are a lot of thing to consider to consider when buying a jewelry. But this time, we will talk about why silver is a must purchase as compared to gold and any other types of jewelries. Here are the reasons why:

Silver is durable

When taken care of properly, silver can actually last a long time without even changing its physical appearance. Take for example, 934 silver is not at all cheap and so anyone who will buy it will definitely want it to last for long.  It only takes proper care to make it last forever.

Endless options

Since silver is relatively a soft metal, it is easier for jewelers to create designs. Due to the wide range of designs, it is then easier for you to choose which will fit your personal style. You can also interchange the jewelries to wear depending on your outfit of the day.


Unlike other metals that can irritate your skin, sterling silver does not contain any material that can cause allergic reactions to your skin. The material use to create silver jewelry is usually copper which is not likely to contain anything that can cause irritations to your skin.

Keeping up with the trends

Those who are really into jewelries know that keeping up with the trend and on what’s new is a must in the fashion industry. Always being one with what is trending is actually really tiring, but with sterling silver, you don’t have to worry about that. Since silver is always evolving in design, there is definitely no need for you to worry at all.

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