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How To Calculate The Roi Of Your Seo

Measuring the ROI or return of investment of your SEO is a crucial aspect of your business. With this, you will be able to identify if your business is getting the right return or not. Moreover, calculating the ROI of your SEO will allow you to determine whether the tools you are using are effective or not. But the question is, how do we calculate the ROI of our SEO? To answer that question, this article will go through some means on how we can measure SEO’s return of investment.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

The very first step that you need to take is set up conversion tracking suing Google Analytics. This will allow you to track all of the conversions on your site that earn revenue. This tool also allows you to determine how many of the leads convert into sales, the average value of each sale, and determine the value of each lead.

Sort Your Conversion by Channel

Now that you’re able to track conversions for a month or so, the next step is to sort them by channel. Using Google Analytics again, you will be able to find in your site the results of search engines like Bing and Google.

Calculate Your ROI with your monthly spend

Lastly, now that you are able to set up the conversion tracking and sorted them by channel, you can now calculate your ROI or return on investment. This will be done through the comparison of your monthly spend. Technically speaking, you just need to divide your income to your monthly spend and multiply it by 100. The answer will be the percentage of your ROI for that particular month. Small business SEO services effectiveness will certainly be measure through the SEO ROI.

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