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Business Plan- A Tool Which Can Help In Business To Grow Successfully

A business plan writer is a formal written document defining business goals, methods through which these goals can be achieved, it also describes its nature, information, financial projections and the strategies it needs to implement those targets. Typically, a business plan should be of 2 to 3 years. A Business plan should be on printed documents only.

Key areas which should be focussed while writing a business plan:

A business plan is a tool that will help in building a better business. They help us in providing a  vision and clear strategy.  But from where to start and what to include?

The basic areas which should be considered while writing a business plan as follows:

  1. Executive summary- This is an overview of the entire plan, this should be short and very well written. Though it is the first section writing it in the last would be beneficial. It would include.
  • Name and location of the business
  • Products and services being offered
  • Specific strategies and purpose for which it has been implemented.
  1. Company description– This section explains who are you, how do you operate, what are the marketing strategies, nature of the business, what are the short term and long term goals, and how do you make profit.
  2. market analysis- It includes industry knowledge, description, and outlook, evaluation of competitiors company’s strength and weakness.
  3. Management team and organization- it includes information about owners, their involvement with the company, a list of advisors and members, accountants, board of directors.

  1. Financial plan- It should include real financial information, accurate balance sheets, revenue expenditure of the budget trend analysis of all the years.

In conclusion, business plan should be accurate, it should match completely with the goals , objectives of the business.

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