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Cannabis Industry Seeks Legalization & Regulation To Cut Down On Underground Vapes

In the wave of legalizing use of cannabis, the United States still holds firm on its federal regulation of not legalizing it. Although the States are individually allowed to legalize use of marijuana yet the federal law still has an upper hand in completely regularizing cannabis. However, if cannabis is made legal in the States for its many medicinal uses, it will be easier to run a cannabis dispensary.

What is the present vaping scenario in the US?

Currently there has been a rise in the number of deaths and illnesses from vaping. Recreational cannabis is legal in a few States. And, that can pose a significant problem for the cannabis industry in the US owing the increasing number of vaping-related illnesses. There has been a multi-State outbreak of vaping-related deaths and diseases arising from a use of vaping devices and cigarettes all of a sudden. The federal and State health officials are still trying to find out the root cause behind the recent flare-up of vaping cases.

How can legalization of cannabis help cut down on underground vapes?

While the current scenario in US can have a negative impact on the legal cannabis industry and even impair it, some people within the industry think otherwise. According to them, legalizing the use of cannabis and lifting the federal ban can lead to a better control on use of cannabis across the country. The NCIA or National Cannabis Industry Association has appealed to the US government to legalize cannabis.

Industry insiders feel that since marijuana is legally prohibited, this gives rise to its use as illicit drug. While on the other hand, if cannabis is legalized, it will help the industry to develop consistent regulations and do more research on it. This will subsequently lead to better awareness and use of cannabis among the masses, leading to a decline in vaping.

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