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Is It Wise To Choose A Career In Translation Industry?

Translation as a career has a wide scope. If you are thinking to pursue your career as a translator, you should definitely go for it. The language industry was estimated around $43 billion in 2018 and is expected to rise to $47.5 by 2021. The translation industry is gradually gaining importance with globalization. If this wasn’t enough to assure you, below are the reasons why a career in translation could prove profitable for you:

  1. It is in high demand right now

Translators are required in almost every field now, thus creating a high demand for professional translators. You can start as a freelance translator. However you need to be fluent in at least two foreign languages to get hired.

  1. You will keep learning

With translation, the learning never stops. With every project you work in, you will only grow your knowledge and gain expertise in your field. Some demanding domains like medicine and technical need you to be precise and translate by understanding the context. This will help you gain more insight and evolve as a translator.

  1. Localization services need translators

Several companies who are looking to expand will need to develop content for localized markets. This is where they need your service as translator. A business needs to connect with consumers in each localized market, and only translators can help them implement their marketing strategy. This is because most consumers prefer buying from companies who speak their local language.

  1. A translator will never lose job because of machine translation

There are translation devices in the market today like the muama enence translator which are handy tools. However no amount of tools can reduce the importance of human translation as the latter is more error-free than machines. Thus you will always remain relevant even with the advent of machine translation.

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