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7 Marketing Mistakes That Nearly Broke Me… Literally

Blogging is a tricky job and there is no sure shot formula for success. You may take some fair idea about blogging from websites like bloglingo.com. But, there certainly are some mistakes that all bloggers tend to make but should avoid them.

These are the seven mistakes made while blogging:

  1. Spending money on paid promotions

Your blog should be identified by what you write and not by how you promote it. If you are just starting and do not have much funds for your blog, keep your expenses on paid promotion minimal.

  1. Choosing a small niche

If you want to gather more readers for your blog, make sure you generate content across a broad niche to attract more varied readers.

  1. Limiting your search traffic

The people who are going to read your blog are going to come for a lot of different purposes to your website. Make sure you have something for all of them.

  1. Traffic is not important

Bloggers may usually feel that traffic has no meaning unless it gets converted to transactions or subscriptions. Focus on developing a rapport with your traffic and you will get the needed results.

  1. Waiting for monetization

What you are posting on your blog is important information and if it is good, people will be willing to pay for it. Monetize your blog at an early stage and do not wait for the right time which may never come.

  1. Taking your visitors for granted

Some people may like your blog but are not making any transactions. Do not feel okay with it and work harder to persuade them to make a transaction.

  1. Making your own way

Blogging is a task that is highly dependent on SEO. If you are focusing on content and ignoring that while thinking that good content will eventually be recognized, you may not be on the right track.

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