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A Comparison of Vacuum Cleaners

There are numerous types of vacuum cleaners on the market, and there is usually one found in most households across America. Since there are so many types to choose from, here is a little summary of some of the most common types.
Bagless cleaners do not have messy bags to change. They collect dirt and dust in a compartment that stores the dirt until you remove it to empty it.

Canister vacuums have the motor and bag in a separate unit from the vacuum head and hose. Although upright vacuums are more popular, canister vacs are usually lighter and easier to handle. Some canister models even have the same type of beaters as the upright models.

Upright vacuum cleaners (also well known by its german term ‘staubsauger’ and with popular german companies like aeg and bosch) have the pump mounted right above the suction intake and the bag is mounted into the handle. A belt attached to the vacuum motor helps drive the beaters.

Backpack vacuums are usually seen with commercial cleaning. These are nice because of the ease of mobility over a large area. It is simply a canister that you carry on your back.

A built in, or central vacuum, is also great for commercial use. It has a motor and bag in a central area with vacuum outlets to attach to throughout the building. Simply attach the hose and head into one of the outlets to clean the room. If this sounds like you would have to move around to many outlets, do not worry, most of the hoses on a central vacuum are up to twenty five feet long. The central unit is very large and bags are usually changed only once or twice a year.

Robotic vacuums are simple to use by placing them in a room and turn them on. They have sensors that sense the dirt and vacuum the entire room. No guiding is necessary, because they are self-propelled.

Wet-Dry vacs can be used to clean up dirt and also wet spills. These vacuums are ideal for use in garages or shop areas.

Hand held vacuums are small, yet powerful. They are handy to have in emergencies to help pick up smaller messes. These are also good for use on furniture and on steps.

Many people suffer from allergies. Part of the best way to help reduce allergens is by keeping excess dust and particles out of the air. Keeping floors and carpet clean can help reduce the number of allergens a great deal.

Before you purchase a vacuum, look around your home and see which one best suits your needs. With the broad variety of different models available, you should be able to choose one that is just right for you.

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