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Animated Lyric Video Software You Can Use

Lyric Videos have been viewed to be popular solutions for today’s music video needs. It sets itself apart from that of a typical music video in a sense that all it really does is display the lyrics. Sometimes, it also has been viewed as a way for people to make sense of the songs that they listen to, as some artists have the reputation of not being easily understood the first time they are heard. Sites like LyricsVideo4U.com, which helps people make lyric videos fast, has also fuelled the popularity of lyric videos. With that said, what are some of the best software which you can use for the creation of such? Let’s find out below.

Adobe Photoshop

This may not seem like an obvious choice, but Adobe Photoshop has been used to make lyric films as well. While it would need the help of other software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere, it’s still a familiar program for people, nevertheless, which would make things much, much easier on their part.

Vegas Pro

One reason why this software is on this list is also due to its familiarity. The reason why you can make lyric videos here on Vegas Pro is due to the fact that it already has tools like 3D track motion composting, and it also comes with photograph manipulation gear, as well as composting tools. Overall, it has better spatial association, and allows the videos to play around the visible plane as well.


This app is best for those who want to deal with HD video, and is best for the best, most pleasant-quality videos to be used. It is quite similar in terms of function and interface with After Effects, making it a choice that you can also make use of when After Effects may be too expensive.

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