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Best Cordless Shaver

The best cordless shavers are either foil or rotary, but each of them is different in terms of movement. While selecting a cordless shaver, one needs to look for many aspects such as battery life, travel case, accessories included, and maintenance required. Thus to avoid confusion as per the nassrasierer test, there are certain best available cordless shavers to choose from.

Best available cordless shavers:

  • Braun Electric Shaver: The series 7790c is included with four elements, out of which three are cutting elements, and one is to guard the skin. The unique feature of this brand is that it has an auto-sense motor technology that adapts to one’s skin type. It is a hundred percent waterproof, and the battery life lasts for about 50 minutes of shaving.
  • Panasonic Electric Shaver: The series ES-LV95-S Arc 5 has a unique feature to cut different hair types at a specific angle. As hair density is detected, it provides more power to the area of thick hair. It ensures to give a close shave without missing spots. Apart from being waterproof, this electric shaver is included with a trimmer at the handle, which provides a sharp look after shaving. It is useful for traveling, too, as there is a safety lock attached to the device.
  • Philips Electric Shaver: The Norelco series 9700 has a unique feature to move with the contours of the face, it ensures that it cuts maximum hair in one pass. One can choose different modes in setting from sensitive to fast. This serves an excellent utility for traveling as it has a battery life that lasts for about an hour of shaving. It is known to give a perfect look for any occasion.

Thus cordless shavers are the need of the hour one needs to choose them as per requirements.

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