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Did Toxic Mold Kill Colorado Springs Boy

The following is based on facts and real life accounts, followed by my opnions on the issues.

A Colorado Springs mother is pointing her finger at toxic mold for the death of her son.

Air-quality inspector finds a shocking amount of mold right next to the boys bedroom.

Many others have complained of being sick from the mold.

While Colorado Springs has had numerous issues with toxic mold over the past year, this is not an isolated problem. Across the country there are hundreds of buildings under the scrutiny of mold infestation, across the country there are thousands if not tens of thousands of complaints filed every year of people claiming mold as the culprit for their problems. My question is, what is being done?

Many schools in Colorado Springs were closed for remediation or opened late this past year because of toxic mold. This is wise and this is prudent, but all across the country there are businesses, apartment complexes, and housing landlords who are denying the existence of a problem with toxic mold.

There have been so many cases across such a wide spectrum of the population from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the north to the south, of people who have been exposed to high levels of mold, all reporting similar symptoms. Cancer rates increase in groups who have been exposed to high levels of mold, multiple chemical sensitivities in many people who have been exposed to mold, and the list is large, so why does it get ignored?

The CDC does not see toxic mold as being poisonous to people. Several governors mansion’s over the past five years have been quarantined for remediation and millions of dollars spent to clean the mold up in the buildings that house our governors, but why? The CDC says it is not dangerous, it is not poisonous, it is not toxic, just clean it up with bleach.

Apartment owners have ignored the cries of tenants repeatedly tell them they are being made sick by the mold in their apartments. Businesses and corporations are spending a small fortunes to fight settlements in court. There is a trail of evidence that follows mold outbreaks no matter where you go, yet there are no conclusive scientific studies, or are there?

There seems to be a mentality within the government, the courts, the wealthy developers, and insurance companies to create skewed studies, and some studies created seemed to lack real science. In My opinion, It’s called follow the money.

My whole family was injured and suffers because of mold, my son will deal with asthma for the rest of his life because of damage done to his lungs by mold. This was not only confirmed by a doctor, but it was also confirmed by our own presence. When we got away from a moldy situation we all improved but when introduced to another moldy building, all the symptoms returned immediately. Get out again, they go away, introduced, they come back. We watch this process repeat over and over as we traveled across the country and any time we encounter a business or dwelling that has mold, the synptoms return.

Here’s a thought to consider, and think about it well. We as a society when we see people who are poor, homeless, in the food lines seeking government assistance, the typical reaction is something akin to seeing these people as parasites. Feeding off of society. Now consider this. A wealthy apartment owner taking rent every month from people who work hard to earn that money, and keep these people living in a toxic mold environment regardless of the health issues is causing the family of these people, and apparently completely unconcerned as long as he does not have to spend a dime to resolve the problem. How many people have to lose their health or their lives to businesses, landlords, and an establishment that turns their head away because of the expense? Now I ask who are the parasites? Those who would beg a slice of bread, a piece of fruit, something to drink? Or are the parasites those who want to suck the money from the poor, with no regard to their health or safety?

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