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Ear Headphones: The Present Generation’s Obsession

Necessity is the mother of invention as the old saying goes is known to one and all. Technology and invention go hand in hand with each other and are seen has precursors for the intellectual leaps in the field of science and discovery.

Whenever there is a new invention that comes into being which the inventor introduces to the world, both he and his invention are met with mixed reactions: where half of the population shower him with praise and accolades, the other half treat it with hilarity and the discovery becomes an object of ridicule and humiliation.

However, it is also true that technology changes and updates itself with each passing generation so as to cater to everyone with change of times. This process cycle is inevitable to occur as can be seen across centuries.

When a device came out which when plugged to your computer or ipod/mobile, you can hear songs into it. Yes, it came out with success and today is seen as obsolete.

The mobile with numbered keys became touchscreen which would operate with the mere touch of your fingers and the headphones and ear plugs too became wireless when Bluetooth came into the picture.

Over ear headphones are the latest in this category that the younger generation has welcomed with open arms and are currently at the peak of their popularity amongst youth.

Here are the 5 most comfortable over ear headphones for your pleasure which are music to your ears:

  • Sony MDR-1A: Easy on the ears, quite comfortable to switch on and off
  • Sensier HD: As the name suggests, it is high definition in quality
  • Bowers & Wilkins PX: The latest model in town and also at affordable rates.
  • KTXPRO 1: Long lasting and smooth with great sound quality
  • Grade SR: New brand and the most successful in the past decade
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