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Plumbing issues are often no less than a disaster and call for immediate attention from a plumbing professional. But, there are some preventive tasks, which if followed diligently, can keep lots of plumbing issues at bay. Not only that, these preventive steps will also save you from wasting money on a Sydney plumber. Please read the post below to know more about these preventive measures.

Mind the pipes

Leakage issues could be costly. But you can avoid the problem by a great extent by protecting the pipes on time. Here is brief on the symptoms of leaking pipes that you should watch out-

  • Water patches on ceiling
  • Wet patches on floor
  • Mildew on flooring, carpet and walls
  • Damp grounds
  • Sagging floorboards

If you notice these symptoms, take steps to protect the pipes to prevent a huge leakage issue in your house.

Be careful of sump pump

A faulty sump pump can flood the whole interior of your house which will eventually lead to nasty mold growth. Here are the steps to take to ensure your sump pump is in working order:

  • Clean inlet screen after every three months
  • Check the pump from time to time to ensure its plugged in
  • Carry sump pump tests after every 3-4 months.

If your sump pump is aging, you may have to replace it as soon as possible. But, don’t go for any cheap model just to cut costs. Be flexible to shell out little more to ensure a reliable long-term investment.

Be careful of unflushable products

Most of the incidents of clogged drain are the result of flushing down unflushable products down the drain, such as-

  • Toys, regardless of size
  • Paper towels
  • Ashtray debris
  • Women hygiene products (including those that claim to be flushable)
  • Cotton balls
  • Cooking grease

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