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Getting Inside the Point and Click Game Burger Shop

Burger Shop has to be one the most challenging, diverse point and click games that I have found yet. It seems endless as the possibilities and options you get throughout the game just keep getting added on. There are several options to choose from when you play. You can choose to play in story mode, challenge mode or even in relax mode. To get the challenge mode and relax mode to open up you need to first play through a few levels of the story mode.

The story mode area of the game options is great. It is really easy in the first couple of levels and pretty much walks you through it. The game does get more challenging very quickly. There is a hall of fame in the game that houses the trophies that you win after each round. So just like playing situs judi bola resmi, there will be great rewards for winners in the game. Thus, it serves as the main driving point why players really want to play this game.

Each level is a task in getting the food just right and delivered as quickly as possible. The elderly gentleman and the business women seem to be the most impatient customers.

You get upgrades and added items with each new level. When the game starts you are only able to make a plain burger but as it progresses things like cheese burgers and triple decker cheese burgers are added. The customers even can order up a dessert of either their choice of vanilla or chocolate sundaes with the topping of their choice.

The upgrade to a burger bot has to be one of the best they offer. This little robot speeds through a customers order in no time. You also get to upgrade to new restaurants throughout the game, the first one happens just after a new burger tron is born. This is level 11 and labeled as “Cowboy”. At this time you should already have made it the Assistant Manager position. In this restaurant is where the cowboys first enter and they always order up 2 hamburgers along with some other goodies. They have high patience so if you get a business woman in there (which they show up with the cowboys in level 13) it is better to serve them first. Cowgirls are another added item in level 14. They like dairy items a lot. Like the cowboys, the cowgirls have high patience so if the business woman comes in be sure to get their order first. In this level you earn the Flannel Award Trophy. In these levels, if you add in the shake machine, it will make it twice as hard. I suggest adding easier things like the lime soda or a curly fry machine.

The graphics in Burger Shop are very cute. It isn’t hard for my machine to run the game and I only have 768 MB of Ram. The sound isn’t spectacular but not as annoying as in some other point and click games. I loved and still love playing through each level and taking on the challenges.

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