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Have Fun and Win at Video Poker

Winning at Video Poker requires good luck. Having fun at Video Poker does not.

When you get a winning hand, the computer plays a triumphant “GONG” for each coin it pays you. It can be thrilling when you get a large payoff. You can have a look at agen poker online to pay online poker. It is really easy and fun to play. You can even invite your friend and family to play poker with them. Video poker is a really fun experience that you have.

If you are really lucky, you might get a royal flush (the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten all in one suit). When that happens, the gonging tone goes on for a long time because if you’ve played 5 coins, you win 4,000 coins. If you are playing a quarter machine, that’s a $1,000.

If you are really unlucky, the gong doesn’t sound and you lose your money.

Because the casinos must make money to stay open, they arrange the payback on each winning hand so that in a run of normal luck, the patron will lose money to the casino. Not a lot, probably, but the patron with average luck will lose.

However, the knowledgeable patron can compete with the casino and lower the percentage of money that the casino will keep. For instance, if a patron is dealt a pair of jacks (a hand that pays you back your initial bet) along with a queen and king the same suit as one of the jacks, the best play is to keep the pair of jacks and hope to get more jacks or another pair and improve the hand to a better payoff. Some players, however, will keep the jack, queen, and king of one suit, hoping to get a royal flush (the ten through ace of one suit). Although an extremely lucky player may be dealt the proper cards for the royal flush, it isn’t likely and most patrons will lose money by doing this.

There are strategies that can be employed to maintain a level of play that will minimize losses. You can GOOGLE “Video Poker Strategies” and find links to both free strategies and strategies for sale. You can buy books and computer programs that have tutorials to teach proper strategies.

The comfort associated with knowledgeable play makes the game fun. In most casinos, the casino will treat you to drinks while you are playing the game and occasionally treat you to a meal because they believe that most people have only average luck and will lose some money. They also think that people aren’t going to learn to play the proper way so you will have an advantage over them.

If Video Poker is played in the proper fashion by a patron with average luck, the casino will keep about ½ of 1 percent of the money put into the machine. If a patron is playing a nickel video poker machine, having average luck, playing at a speed that is fun (probably about 350 hands an hour), and applies the proper methods, the patron will lose about 60 cents an hour. With good luck that amount could turn into a win of several hundred dollars.

As with many casino games, you should try to limit your losses during normal or bad luck periods so that you can enjoy your winnings when they occur. Mostly, though, the best deal is to have fun.

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