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Myths About Hiring An Accident Attorney

Life is unpredictable and you never know when a slip of your hand or of another’s can cause you to get into an accident. Accidents are very common in our day-to-day lives and so are the misconceptions and myths regarding personal injury law. There are so many cases where the claims are genuine but victims don’t file for compensation often thinking that they are the ones at fault and would have to pay from their wallets. The amount of misconceptions doesn’t even begin to fall. We, the law firms in harrisburg, PA, strongly condemn these falsehoods and are here to clear some of the major myths about hiring an ‘Accident Attorney’.

  • Retainers must be paid outright

False. There are many law firms in Harrisburg, PA that does not charge any fee for legal advice in these cases. Justice is meant to be for all and not only for those who can afford it.

  • Your Lawyer knows how much compensation you can receive

Obviously, depending on the case and general experience in the field, your lawyer can give you an idea of the level of compensation it can involve but it is ridiculous to believe that they can pinpoint the amount of compensation only through litigation or negotiations.

  • All cases go for court trails

False. only 2{554c71f18acf44fd193d739550b208c082ac4032ee0c184b8cb7442fa1a3796b} of civil suits actually are presented before the court. Trials are both risky and expensive, hence it is in the best interest for both the parties to resolve/negotiate on a neutral ground through meetings and come to common grounds.

All in all, you should always remember to not jump to conclusions until you receive proper legal advice regarding your case. Always make sure to see the situation in a rational way and not be hasty or evasive. Standing up for your own right should be something that you ignore.

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