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Have Fun and Win at Video Poker

Winning at Video Poker requires good luck. Having fun at Video Poker does not.

When you get a winning hand, the computer plays a triumphant “GONG” for each coin it pays you. It can be thrilling when you get a large payoff. You can have a look at agen poker online to pay online poker. It is really easy and fun to play. You can even invite your friend and family to play poker with them. Video poker is a really fun experience that you have.

If you are really lucky, you might get a royal flush (the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten all in one suit). When that happens, the gonging tone goes on for a long time because if you’ve played 5 coins, you win 4,000 coins. If you are playing a quarter machine, that’s a $1,000.

If you are really unlucky, the gong doesn’t sound and you lose your money.

Because the casinos must make money to stay open, they arrange the payback on each winning hand so that in a run of normal luck, the patron will lose money to the casino. Not a lot, probably, but the patron with average luck will lose.

However, the knowledgeable patron can compete with the casino and lower the percentage of money that the casino will keep. For instance, if a patron is dealt a pair of jacks (a hand that pays you back your initial bet) along with a queen and king the same suit as one of the jacks, the best play is to keep the pair of jacks and hope to get more jacks or another pair and improve the hand to a better payoff. Some players, however, will keep the jack, queen, and king of one suit, hoping to get a royal flush (the ten through ace of one suit). Although an extremely lucky player may be dealt the proper cards for the royal flush, it isn’t likely and most patrons will lose money by doing this.

There are strategies that can be employed to maintain a level of play that will minimize losses. You can GOOGLE “Video Poker Strategies” and find links to both free strategies and strategies for sale. You can buy books and computer programs that have tutorials to teach proper strategies.

The comfort associated with knowledgeable play makes the game fun. In most casinos, the casino will treat you to drinks while you are playing the game and occasionally treat you to a meal because they believe that most people have only average luck and will lose some money. They also think that people aren’t going to learn to play the proper way so you will have an advantage over them.

If Video Poker is played in the proper fashion by a patron with average luck, the casino will keep about ½ of 1 percent of the money put into the machine. If a patron is playing a nickel video poker machine, having average luck, playing at a speed that is fun (probably about 350 hands an hour), and applies the proper methods, the patron will lose about 60 cents an hour. With good luck that amount could turn into a win of several hundred dollars.

As with many casino games, you should try to limit your losses during normal or bad luck periods so that you can enjoy your winnings when they occur. Mostly, though, the best deal is to have fun.

Items You Must See In A Thrift Store For Big Practical Savings

A recent Your Money post written by Mikey Rox of reviewed10 items to buy in thrift stores. I was not too surprised to discover that with the exception of two items – artwork and vinyl records (well one, if you consider a picture frame artwork) – I had hit the mark on buying all of the products on the list in – if not a thrift shop – at least a resale environment (i.e. thrift shop, GiftTree gift seller, antique store, garage sale, estate sale, etc.). Whether as gifts for others or items of our own, here is how we stacked up against the Your Money list of secondhand items to buy in a thrift store.


Yes, I’ll admit, I get many of my shirts, shorts and pants at the thrift store. What do you want me to say? I just think it’s a financially smart move. They’re great deals, often for name brand products in lightly used condition, and at a fraction of the price that they would be found in a retail setting. Living across the street from an awesome resale shop doesn’t help.

I’d estimate that I probably buy multiple shirts each year in the resale setting, and I rarely spend more than $3 a shirt. I can often get great cargo shorts for about the same price and really nice jeans for $4 or $5 a pair. And the same goes for my wife and son. The savings are literally hundreds of dollars each year on clothing related costs for our family.


We don’t do a ton of furniture shopping at resale shops or thrift stores, but I’ll admit, such venues can certainly be great spots for such finds. We have most of the furniture we need and live in a small condo, so we aren’t typically looking for more; however, we have picked up things like one of our televisions, a few chairs, bookshelves, and similar items in resale environments.


The great thing about buying books, videos and similar items in a resale setting is that they’re often super inexpensive. Sure, we get many of our book and video needs met through the local library for free, but for items that we’d prefer to own or that aren’t available at the library, we may be able to pick them up for just 50 cents or less in a thrift store or resale setting.

Better yet, when we’re finally done with them, we can often make some, if not all of our money back through resale stores, garage sales or as tax deductions by way of charitable donations.

Artwork/Home Décor/Dishware/Accessories

There are all sorts of fantastic items that we’ve found at thrift and resale shops. I have kind of a drinking glass fetish (I love vintage or just plain cool glasses of all varieties), so I have to watch myself when I’m out and about in these settings. However, getting many of our glasses (often just 25 or 50 cents a piece), vases, candleholders, candles, and even stuff for our kids, such as toys and our new baby’s entertainment play center ($6), is very convenient and saves us a ton of money in the process.

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The author is not a licensed financial professional. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is solely at the reader’s discretion.

Enjoy Your Media Anywhere and Anytime with the Archos 605

The Archos 605 WiFi is a full-on powerhouse of a portable media player. Every feature you could want is either included or can be added. The 4.3-inch widescreen has a resolution of 800 x 480. It even uses touchscreen technology to make the most space possible available (without the need for buttons). 16 million colors can be shown on this screen. That’s 24-bit tricolor just like you’ll find on very high-end television sets. WiFi lets the Archos 605 access music and video from your PC quickly and without the need for any cable or wire connections. All of this at barely over 5 ounces is quite a package.

All of the media formats you are most likely to use are ready to play with the Archos 605. WMV and MPEG-4 are ready to go for the video. Supported audio is in MP3, WAV and WMA and DivX. For 20 bucks more you can add on other format supports like MPEG-2 and others. OCG Vorbis, an open-source format is not supported. With a video podcast plugin, the H.264 format can be used. The battery life is a little over 5 hours of video or up to 17 hours of audio. Extended life battery packs are available.

For $100 a DVR video adds on can be purchased. This lets you record digital video on the Archos 605. It’s useful for putting a television or other videos into digital format. The newer DVR models (generation 5) will even let you stream video from PC to TV. Surfing the net can be done with the Archos 605 but a $30 web browser add on is needed. You can watch adobe flash videos with the browser. That covers most of the videos on the web. The browser will automatically locate any video on a web page and bring it into full screen on the Archos 605. To make the performance of the device as swiftly as possible, you may also want to try looking for the best superboost wifi review for you to have an idea about the best wifi boosters in the market.

When the Archos 605 first came out it was nearly $400 for the largest version – the 160-gigabyte model. Now that has gone down to $330. The 80 Gb version goes for $280, the 30 GB for $250 and the 4 GB for $200. The nice thing about the price drops is that now you can get an add on like the web browser, which some felt should have been included anyway, and still pay less than what the Archos 605 was going for at the time of release. The 4 GB may not sound like much but realistically how many GBs on your PC are taken up right now with music and video? At least for some of us, 4 gigs are plenty. The three smaller capacity models all have an extra SD slot for more memory storage. With all of the price and storage options the Archos 605 provides, anyone should be able to find just the right model to meet their taste in portable media entertainment.

Fascinating Different Levels of Thinking in No-Limit Hold’em Poker

No-limit hold’em is by far the most popular poker game there has ever been because of the extensive coverage the game gets on television and on the Internet. A lot of people are attracted to the game because of the simple rules and betting structure, and because of this we have an influx of information in the forms of poker strategy training sites and hundreds of new poker books each year. The Situs poker online Resmi, for example, offers reliable poker platform for players and can help beginners learn as well.

This leads to players having very specific levels of thinking which can be broken up into a few distinct categories. Once you know what level your opponent is thinking on, then you can go one step beyond that and manipulate them like a puppet. Each of the levels has special advantages and disadvantages, and particular plays must be used as weapons against each level of thinking individually.

At the most basic level, what we’ll call level zero, is when a player thinks about their own cards and nothing else. You see this very well in players who have just started playing the game for the first time and may still be having trouble deciding what their hand is with more complicated boards. Even experienced players can operate on the zeroth level if they are tired or being lazy. To take advantage of people who are operating on this level of poker thinking, all you need to do is pay attention to their actions. If their betting actions indicate that they are strong, then they’re usually strong. If their betting actions indicate that they are weak, then they are usually weak. These players are particularly straight-forward, but when facing them you have to remember that they’re not taking into account your holdings. They aren’t considering what their opponents hold, only what cards they have in their hand and how strong of a hand it makes for them.

On the next level, what we’ll call the true first level of poker thinking, is when a player is considering his opponents’ possible holdings. This is the level that most people will operate on for the rest of their poker careers once they pass the completely beginner stages, and this is the level that most basic poker theory starts from. For example, if you’re considering a bluff in a particular spot that you decide must succeed 40% of the time or more to be successful, then you think of your opponents’ holdings and try to estimate if they will fold more than 40% of the time. If so then you make the bluff, and if not, you decide on another way to play the hand. To beat players who think on the first level, you have to get inside their head a little bit and start to think of how they perceive their opponents. This is when your table image and the image of the other players at the table comes into play.

Once you reach what we call second level thinking, you’re well on your way to studying advanced poker play. Now every bet or raise you make will affect how your opponent views you, and thus affects the value of future plays. This means that you could purposely make small mistakes on purpose that your opponent will notice and adjust to your play in a way that you can exploit in the future. You end up giving away a small amount of money to reap larger rewards later in the game. This is a particularly difficult thing to master, but once you do, you can dominate your opponents without them even realizing what you’re doing.

While there are an infinite number of levels of thinking in poker, these three are the most important to consider if you want to make decent money in poker. To severely dominate an opponent, you should play in a style that incorporates ideas from thinking one level ahead. Once you start thinking two or more levels ahead, you start outsmarting yourself and make big mistakes from trying to play in a way that is too fancy for the situation. All you have to do is put yourself in your opponent’s shoes and try to figure out a little about how they think. Then go one step ahead and they will become your personal ATM.

Romantic Things To Do In San Diego

San Diego is every traveller’s bucket-list topper. Located on the Pacific coast of California, it is extremely popular for its beaches, parks and obviously, warm climate.

And it attracts couples from all over the world for spending together that perfect vacation they dream of.

  • Gondola Ride

Even without being in Italy literally, San Diego gondola rides around Coronado Cays is provided by the Gondola Company. Gorgeous homes, scenery, other boats, while sipping your favourite wine, is the best experience that one can possibly get.

  • La Jolla Shores Beach

La Jolla shores beach is full of activities. There are provisions for surfing, scuba diving, stand up paddle boating, and other beach adventure sports. You can also visit places like Kellogg Park that offers yoga sessions, boot camp and running options. Marine Park is a must-visit place with fantastic sea-life views.

  • Cruises

From dinner parties and anniversaries to weddings and birthday plans, there are many Cruises options available for all. Starting from just 3 hours, cruise trips offer many exciting options like whale watching.

  • Glider Port

You can visit this place for gliding lessons with your partner. Take lessons, fly, indulge in the adventure sports or just have fun on the ground. There are many cafes around here for hanging out with your partner.

One can even explore the quieter parts of the Balboa Park or simply go for hiking trails. San Diego brims with tourist destinations and activities, all year round.

Free Youtube Converter Softwares To Download And Convert 320kbps Files

Various web applications let people watch and stream different videos. Youtube is the best choice if you want to listen and watch music videos online. Youtube is a video streaming service, but it lacks in the inbuilt feature that helps to convert video in Formats like MP3. Various people have sourced MP3 files from applications that let the user convert videos in MP3 Formats.

Here is the list of some of the best free Youtube Converters to make free video downloads:

Any Video Converter

It is one of the best and all-rounder tools that lets the user make Youtube Video Downloads. You may download the same in various formats; it may be audio or video conversion. You will find it interesting as it not only allows you to download from youtube but also multiple websites.


It is another full-fledged online software that lets you make free video downloads and convert it into any format.

Online video Converter

It is an excellent tool since it lets you convert various videos at 320 kbps bitrate. It is the only software which comes with different bitrate.


It is another video downloading tool and safest among all. People may use it to convert various videos into audio files.


It is another best tool which lets you convert entire Video lists in MP3 Formats for free. Also, it is tough to set-up.

4K Video Downloader

It is the best online tool for MP3 conversions. It comes in the premium version, which costs around $15. People may use it to convert all the MP3 files from Youtube playlists.


Audacity is one of the open-source audio auditors and would help people to record all audios from Youtube. It has got various additional steps.


It is one of the simple software and easy to use. A person only needs to copy the URL and press the button to convert videos.

Free Online Zombie Game : Dead Awaken

Every once in awhile, almost everyone needs the opportunity to shoot something. It’s my favorite thing about video games: The opportunity to be horribly violent and release pent-up frustrations and know that the only thing that really got hurt was my time budget. That’s after I enjoy relaxing games such as the DominoQQ online too.
And one of my favorite time wasters and stress relieves is Dead Awaken, the best zombie game available online.
The premise is pretty simple. It’s four months after something, the game designer never says what, but what good zombie flick ever did, has unleashed the undead on humanity. The player has the option of playing a human hunting down those vile brain eaters or a vile brain eater looking for his next meal.

The objective? Well, that’s kind of a matter of personal choice. Game designer Dan Wash has added several different features to make the game appeal to as many different people as possible. There is a zombie slots feature to use in game money in a slot machine to get more in game money.

There is “Keep Away”, a flash game with a lone person running from zombies in a small confined area until they get caught, similar to so many of the most basic games we played as children. The more zombie you elude, the better the rewards.

And the rewards? More heads and increases in your guts rating, but we’ll get back to that later.

Dan has created an entire city for the entrepreneurial zombie or human to explore, complete with a county fairgrounds where characters can compete head to head. The city also features a few places that are integral to the game: the graveyard, the gym, the pawnshop, the pharmacy and the mall.

The graveyard is the only source of food for both zombies and humans. Zombies find things in the graves that people were buried with, like a stray cat or rats hiding in the shoe; humans find things that the gravediggers dropped, like a can of red bull or a burrito. Food gives the players extra stamina, which is used to as turns in the game. Robbing graves is also one of the ways players can collect cash. The money is used to buy armor and weapons or a nice place to hide.

At the gym, or the abandoned playground if you are a zombie, characters can improve their skills and statistics. At the pawnshop for humans and in the pawnshop alley for zombies, characters can buy weapons and armor. And at the pharmacy, they sell transplants for the humans and missing parts for the zombies, to restore your health.

At the mall, you can explore alone and fight your evil counterparts in hopes of gaining money and heads or you can attack other players of similar level to your own. Both humans and zombies collect heads as the other legal tender in the game. Heads are used to trade for stat and skill increases or can be sold at the swap-o-rama.

Another fun feature of the game is the ability of players to organize into mobs or hordes and cooperate with other players in a sort of team on team game. Mobs attack one another and gain experience just like players in an effort to become the best in the game.

The game also features two sets of message boards, one for each of the mobs accessible only by its mob members and a general message board at the Dead Awaken pub. The message boards feature everything from rules updates and game tips for new players to an on-going thread of Dead Awaken fiction.

Like many online games, Dead Awaken is support through “donations” to the owner and by advertising revenue. Players who donate are given monthly bonuses, like additional turns, but the game is enormously fun and playable with or without the donor packs.

Personally, I play just for the stress relief of killing hundreds of humans every day and knowing at the end that I’m not guilty of anything other than killing time.

Choose The Best Duct Cleaning In Los Angeles

When the temperatures soar, the air conditioner may be the only thing that prevent the house from turning into a very big, very hot “oven.” However, it can be very frustrating when the air conditioner doesn’t work, or if the room takes forever to cool down. The problem may be in the air conditioner ducts.

Ducts need to stay clean for the air conditioner to work efficiently and it’s best to leave this job to duct cleaning companies in Los Angeles. Luckily, there are quite a number of them. The challenge is to find the best one. You can visit ceiling type แอร์แขวนใต้ฝ้าวางตั้งพื้น to get the best duct cleaning services and tips. It is really affordable and you get quality work as well.

The first step, of course, is to the Yellow Pages. Look under the “duct cleaning Los Angeles” or “air conditioning services Los Angeles” categories. Make a shortlist of companies that are located near your home.

The next step is to contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), to find out who among the duct cleaning Los Angeles providers are part of the organization. This is your best way of verifying that the company is experienced, skilled, and trained.

From there, ask to speak to someone from the air conditioning service Los Angeles company. Don’t fall for the sales talk promising all sorts of health benefits (none have been backed by research) or claiming that they are one of the few air conditioning services Los Angeles that are “certified'” by the EPA (the EPA does not actually certify anyone). The most accurate testimonials would be from former customers, or from Better Business Bureau who would know if any complaints have been filed against that particular duct cleaning Los Angeles company.

Once you’ve verified that the duct cleaning Los Angeles company is, in fact, qualified and reliable, you can decide if they are right for you. For example, ask if they have handled air conditioner systems or brands similar to your own. Also check if they comply with air conditioning service Los Angeles safety standards and rules. To be extra vigilant you can also probe into whether the company complies with NADCA air duct cleaning standards as well as North American Insulation Manufacturers Association’s (NAIMA) recommendations (applicable for fiber glass duct liners). It is also recommended to ask duct cleaning Los Angeles companies and air conditioning service Los Angeles if they have a state license.

Once that is settled, prepare for the service. This starts by agreeing on the work compensation and duration. Many duct cleaning Los Angeles / air conditioning Los Angeles or Air conditioning service Los Angeles companies will charge by the hour. So you don’t get shocked by the bill, ask them to give you an idea of how long it will take them to diagnose the problem and fix it. Many experts suggest putting your agreement into writing.

While it may take time to find the best duct services repair company, the investment'”of time, or in some cases, money'”pays for itself. You don’t have to call in another repair person when your supposedly “fixed” machine breaks down faster than you can say “heatwave.” You don’t have to worry about the expert breaking the air conditioner.

Many duct cleaning Los Angeles/air conditioning Los Angeles or Air conditioning service Los Angeles companies will charge by the hour. So you don’t get shocked by the bill, ask them to give you an idea of how long it will take them to diagnose the problem and fix it.

How To Be Coupon Savvy

In the times we are in now if you have never used coupons before now would be the time to get started. You may think that you have no time for coupons or that it’s too much work, but actually just the opposite is true. If you will follow the tips and suggestions in this article you can be organized and out the door on your way to the store with coupons in hand in about 30 minutes. All it takes is some commitment and time. It is well worth it and you will agree when you see the savings you’ll start piling up! You can use Lowes 10{554c71f18acf44fd193d739550b208c082ac4032ee0c184b8cb7442fa1a3796b} off that is redeemable at several stores. You can print these coupons and use them. These are all latest coupons, which is why you don’t have to worry about their expiry.

First, where to find coupons. My first suggestion is to buy the Sunday paper. I would actually buy about 2-3 copies. I would also suggest not to cut out every coupon at first, just cut as you go and as needed. Ask your friends and neighbors who get the Sunday paper if you can have the coupon inserts if they don’t use them. Some gas stations and places where they sell papers will let you have the left over papers the next day. This varies from place to place so you can find out.

Another place you can find coupons is in magazines. You can check the magazines you already receive and look for coupons in them.

Another idea is to join a Coupon Train. How a Coupon Train works is you join the group and get on a list of about 4-5 other people and then mail an envelope full of coupons to one another. You receive it from one person then mail it to the next, and so on. You take what you can use and then replace with coupons you don’t need. Some trains use the same passenger list and some switch out. A good place to find coupon trains is on Yahoo Groups. You might could even start one yourself with friends who live in other cities.

Another place to find coupons is online. You can print coupons online and only print the ones you need. A good site for this is You can do a search online and find other sites as well.

A place where you may not think to look for coupons is on Ebay. I have bought several coupons on there for cents literally. Of course when doing this be sure and check the sellers rating and any shipping cost. You want to make sure it is worth it.

Now that you have coupons what do you do with them? It is really easy to start saving. First, look at your local stores sale papers and then put with any coupons you have for that product. Also check to see if your store doubles or triples coupons. You can actually get some products for free when you combine the sale item with a coupon that can be doubled or tripled. Also, I would suggest to plan your weekly meals around the sale items. That makes your savings even more.

With a little time and effort you can start saving at the grocery store.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in a Condo

Condo living can be both a blessing and a curse. Depending on what you’re looking for from condo life, there are many factors that will influence your decision. You can have a look at CELH Development to see what are the benefits and disadvantages of getting and investing in a condo. There are several factors that you should consider before buying yourself a condo. Here is a list of things that you should consider before buying any property.

Affordability. Condos come in a wide range of prices, and can be affordable for a small family, retirees or others who want to be able to own their own home. Additionally, property taxes for condos are often much lower than for single-family homes.

Amenities. Condos often offer great amenities, similar to those you’d find when visiting a hotel or living in a luxury apartment. Swimming pools, tennis courts, exercise rooms, saunas, hot tubs, sun decks and even community centers are often included with the purchase of a condominium. If these types of things are important to you, buying a condo can help you achieve easy access to a variety of fabulous amenities. On the other hand, if you have no intention of ever using the condo’s facilities, you may feel like you are overpaying for services you neither want nor need.

Ownership. Unlike with apartment rentals, condos bring you property ownership. There’s no landlord to tell what you can or cannot do in your condo, and many people enjoy this freedom to do as they please with their personal space. You’ll also be free from yearly rent increases, which is a great plus for your pocketbook. On the downside, although you will own your individual condo, the condo board could end up being your worst enemy. The board can veto specific changes you may want to make to your space–particularly if they effect the outside of the property and could negatively impact the value of all owners’ condos.

The 5 “P”s. Many of the disagreements that arise between condo members fall under the 5 “P”s: pets, parking, personality, parties and privacy. As with any apartment building, people living in limited space may clash over noise issues, rude neighbors, parking problems, lack of privacy or excessive partying. Depending on the set-up of the condos, and how close you are to each of your neighbors, you may want to consider whether or not you will ultimately be able to get along in a confined space. And considering that people usually buy a condo with the intent of never having to move again, if you really can’t get along with your neighbors, things could quickly go downhill.

Security. Owning a condo is a lot more like owning a home than renting an apartment, in terms of security. You’ll finally have a home to call your own, and will never have to deal with monthly rent again. This type of security in knowing that you’ll never need to pack up and move at the end of a lease is great for your peace of mind. Additionally, the fact that you’ll have equally permanent neighbors often helps people feel secure, as you’ll undoubtedly get to know the people who live in the condominium through your day to day interactions. This helps make it easy to spot potential intruders and keep them at bay, and to form community bonds that are mutually beneficial.

No Maintenance Required. As with apartment dwelling, condo life often eliminates many of the maintenance issues associated with owning a home: mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, shoveling the snow, and other unpleasant chores. Professional agencies or a manager are usually responsible for upkeep of the property, and for fixing any problems that may arise within your particular unit. On the flip side of this equation, you will be required to pay into a communal fund that will actually pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the shared condo expenses, so you’ll be paying for services that an apartment dweller wouldn’t need to consider.

Community Participation. If you’re looking for a strong feeling of community membership, condo living is a great way to participate. The owners in a condominium often help set and approve the budget, create and amend bylaws, and otherwise participate in a miniature democratic process governing the workings of their condo environment. If you really want to get involved, you can even get yourself elected to the board and act as a leader within your community. The potential downside of this is that many condo boards are re-elected based more on the apathy of fellow owners than on the actual competence of those that run for election, so you may find it frustrating to be involved. Further, since board membership is voluntary, those that run the board may be not actually be qualified to perform the duties of their positions.