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October 11, 2019

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Myths And Misconceptions About Bitcoin

January 3, 2020

We often have misconceptions about many things. The trail of...

Asset Based Lending Facilities for Canadian Firms

December 30, 2019

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Get The Best Weed Online

November 2, 2019


Ohio Attorney General Makes Recommendation On Frankie Coleman

An investigation has found that Frankie Coleman, the wife of Columbus Ohio’s mayor who was given a position in Ohio’s Department of Development has found that Coleman didn’t work a full day, or missed work entirely for 13 days in her first few months on the job. The Ohio Attorney General’s office also found that Lt. Governor Lee Fisher’s office reportedly ignored many warnings that Coleman’s personal problems were interfering with her overall job performance.

I have resisted the urge to weigh in on this bizarre case, as I have repeatedly written about what I feel it is terrific leadership being displayed by the new administration in Ohio of Governor Ted Strickland. Time after time Strickland has shown that a combination of little things done today, will add up to big gains in the future, and he also show that he is willing to lead by example, most notably with his meal tab limits and his not accepting his Ohio health care coverage he is entitled to as Governor, instead opting for paying for his own coverage until all Ohioans have adequate coverage.

However, this case, which rests now squarely at the door of Strickland’s Lt. Governor, Lee Fisher, a tremendous asset during the campaign as a highly visible figure in Ohio politics, has gone on a bit too long for me not to comment on and report the findings of the state’s attorney general’s office. This is a controversial case that some lawyers may find it quite challenging just like accident lawyer Baltimore.

The investigation and reports on this situation started somewhat quietly, and I am guessing that was because that Coleman just resigning from her $70,000 Department of Development position would satisfy detractors and allow the case to continue to be “politically debated.” Then came the announcement that Coleman was entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program, after which more details came to light about Coleman seemed to come and go as she pleased for a variety of reasons, none of which were DOD related.

All the other details of this case have been thoroughly reported upon, but the recently released details of the attorney general’s investigation smack of “what the heck was going on here anyhow?” and are very alarming to me from an administration that has been a breath of fresh air up to this point.

The investigation details include that Frankie Coleman was paid for 13 days that she was either late, left early or not present at all for duty during February through April of this year. This covered 56 hours that totaled $2450 in compensation/benefits that Coleman received. Investigators also reported that they were slowed by Coleman’s “dishonesty” during early interviews that she had missed any work without approval, but during a second interview admitted to this not being the case.

Lt. Governor Lee Fisher’s office and other DOD officials apparently ignored altogether several warning signs about Coleman’s behavior. These signs included Coleman’s absenteeism as a member of Governor Strickland’s transition team, earlier observations about Coleman’s drinking, obviously false time sheets and even a call to the DOD from the governor’s chief of staff, who was reporting a tip received about Coleman’s poor attendance. The report stated that all these items were “red flags that Coleman’s hiring was a mistake, regardless of her qualifications.

Next, the report said that Glenda Williamson, Coleman’s supervisor who accused her of submitting false time sheets was not dismissed as a retaliation , but because records showed a dissatisfaction with her performance and conflicts with her superiors.

There was no conclusive evidence that Coleman consumed alcohol either before or during work, and finally that Coleman was not entitled to her free parking space in the state parking garage as she was not part of the department’s leadership team. Even Coleman’s boss had to pay for parking it was stated.

Again, I was not even going to weigh in on this issue, but when an attorney general’s report says that someone’s work ethic is “criminal” and that taxpayers have been cheated, and worst of all that an office as high up as the Lt. Governors may have ignored it, I simply could not bring forward the findings. Check out the report’s findings for yourself, and see what you think. Its too bad, and I hope that the necessary steps are taken to ensure something like this never happens again, and it is also too bad that it gives this administration a “black eye” against in my opinion an otherwise terrific start toward Ohio’s recovery.

How To Avoid Razor Burn When Shaving!

There is not a woman out there that enjoys razor burn. Ouch! All those unlovely red bumps covering your legs and under arms. You can especially get razor burn around the bikini area due to the fact the skin is more prone to ingrown hairs. But no need to worry anymore! I have a solution to your problem. You should be ready to show off your legs in no time. Just keep up the routine and within a couple weeks, your legs will be back in tip top-healthy shape.

This will also come in handy when summer time comes and you want to wear that bathing suit!

Before we get started, there is something you should keep in mind. What do you do to your face to keep it healthy, glowing, and soft? You exfoliate. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells that tend to clog your pores and cause you discoloration, irritation, roughness, and bumps. You can buy a body exfoliate at your local beauty store. Also you should use an exfoliating body wash that is mild. You do not want to irritate your skin. If you have a cut you want it to heal, right? So you are going to avoid scratching it up. Do the same with your skin. It is damaged and you need to take it easy until it is healed.

Step 1: Use your body exfoliate and exfoliating body wash. Make it a routine to do this whenever you get in the shower or bath. Another thing to think about is taking a bath or a shower. I do not recommend a bath if you are trying to wash off. A bath is good to relax and soak in, but not to wash off. I would recommend a shower to wash off. This way you are not sitting in the dirt you are trying to get off your skin.

Step 2: Now that you exfoliated and washed and ready to go, dry off and get your razor ready. Make sure you have a clean, sharp blade. Any dull blade will cause you to get razor burn no matter what you do.

Step 3: Once you are dry, use a little Kukui nut oil and rub it all over your legs. This is slippery oil that will not clog your pores and will work much better than your average shaving cream. Not to mention it is natural. Make sure to clean your razor with every sweep of the leg so you do not clog the razor blade with the hairs you remove because this will make the razor blade become dull fast.

Step 4: Now that your legs are completely shaved you can rinse the Kukui nut oil off in the shower. Use a towel and pat your legs dry (notice I said pat, not rub). Rubbing irritates the skin, on the other hand we should always perform haarschneider test to keep the hair side skin safe. Once your legs are dry, use a oil-free moisturizer to moisturize your legs.

And that is how you avoid razor burn!

The reasons that insist on people for the cryptocurrency investment

Everybody wants to earn good money in their life, what if you get an option that works as money as well as high growth property. Cryptocurrency is that option that can incur a good profit into your bank account. There are lots of people who are taking interesting in the investment of bitcoin and other digital currencies. A Bitcoin Trader can earn good money by investing the money on the purchase of bitcoin.

Attention seeking reasons for cryptocurrency investment

There are plenty of reasons that indicate the need to get into the investment of cryptocurrency. These are some reasons that are making people compel for the investment in bitcoin so that they could earn good profit.

  1. An incredible growth rate

There is no doubt that famous cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether, have an astonishing growth rate. Bitcoin Trader can earn huge money in minimum time because from 2009; when bitcoin was invested, it has never happened that it has loosed its value. It is a big reason people go for investment in this section.

  1. Easy and quick transaction

If a transaction process of a currency is quick, then Bitcoin Trader would like to go for it. Cryptocurrency has a fast transaction process because there is no involving of any third party like a bank, so here buyer and seller meet directly in the transaction.

  1. Currency Security

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, so it is not possible to make any change, so there are fewer chances of any theft.

  1. No-money transaction fees

When you are using bitcoin in the exchange of buying something, then there will be no charge over the transaction. Any other transaction takes a percentage of costs, but the digital currency transaction rarely charges any fees.

We have seen some reasons that seek the attention of people to invest in cryptocurrency.


Points That Should Not Be Overlooked While Making Animated Explainer Videos

Making animated videos to explain your views or promote your products to the targeted audience with their help is an excellent idea in today’s digital world. Numbers, images, and faces are used while making these types of videos. Several applications are available on app stores for making your work easier. The pen and paper days are gone, and it just requires an excellent picture quality and concept to apply. There are numerous animation studios in singapore and other countries that provide this facility to the production houses.

Mistakes that people do while making an animated explainer video:

  • Making lengthy video:

It is highly recommended to the animated video maker to keep the video as short as possible. Because you do not want your viewers to feel monotonous while watching a particular video. It will be useful if you keep it specific and to-the-point. Only mention the necessary stuff and overlook the low points.

  • Not keeping the audience in mind:

When you are launching a video, it is advisable to remember the target audience in your account. It should reach a certain number of people, and they should know while watching the video that this video is mainly made for each of them. The audience should feel connected with the video.

  • Making low-quality videos:

If you are planning to promote your animated company by making videos, try to keep them of high quality. The targeted viewers should be able to see clear pictures and words. Therefore, the images should not be blurred. Making a lower quality video will surely kill the brand by putting a wrong impression on the audience.

The bottom line: 

If any brand wants to make excessive and great promotions for its name, then the owner is advised to go for the best-animated studio for proper marketing of his product.

What Is The Bitcoin Code Trading Bot, And How Does It Work?

Bitcoin code is a trading bot coded by Steve Mckay. Steve is an excellent software developer, and it took many years for him to make a trading bot. A primary aim of Bitcoin Code system is to help people and various traders to earn good money. It came out, and many people used this software.

How does an operation take place in Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code has got different modes such as manual and automated. Also, if you are a bitcoin investor, it would help you to mine bitcoin of your own. Also, people are allowed to make personal and acquires strategies. It depends on the algorithms software uses.

How does the registration process works?

You will find fresh that the registration process is straightforward, along with straight forward. It is very similar to other tools available for trading online. An individual does not need any special skills for registration. A user needs to give the best details in the signup form and needs for an email confirmation. When you receive a confirmation mail, you will find a new user guide that would explain your new signups in the trading account. Various users need to have funds in a trading account, and an investment bot would make a profit for the user.

If you would sign up for Bitcoin code, you need to follow :

  • You need to register for free.
  • Open a trading account and have funds.
  • Wait till a profit is made and withdraw money.

It is the software which makes enormous profits and various people earn good money. It is very authentic and legit. You will find different features of robot handles. The software has got an exciting feature by which it converts all various currencies and exchange rates with the right amount of interest rates for users.

Ear Headphones: The Present Generation’s Obsession

Necessity is the mother of invention as the old saying goes is known to one and all. Technology and invention go hand in hand with each other and are seen has precursors for the intellectual leaps in the field of science and discovery.

Whenever there is a new invention that comes into being which the inventor introduces to the world, both he and his invention are met with mixed reactions: where half of the population shower him with praise and accolades, the other half treat it with hilarity and the discovery becomes an object of ridicule and humiliation.

However, it is also true that technology changes and updates itself with each passing generation so as to cater to everyone with change of times. This process cycle is inevitable to occur as can be seen across centuries.

When a device came out which when plugged to your computer or ipod/mobile, you can hear songs into it. Yes, it came out with success and today is seen as obsolete.

The mobile with numbered keys became touchscreen which would operate with the mere touch of your fingers and the headphones and ear plugs too became wireless when Bluetooth came into the picture.

Over ear headphones are the latest in this category that the younger generation has welcomed with open arms and are currently at the peak of their popularity amongst youth.

Here are the 5 most comfortable over ear headphones for your pleasure which are music to your ears:

  • Sony MDR-1A: Easy on the ears, quite comfortable to switch on and off
  • Sensier HD: As the name suggests, it is high definition in quality
  • Bowers & Wilkins PX: The latest model in town and also at affordable rates.
  • KTXPRO 1: Long lasting and smooth with great sound quality
  • Grade SR: New brand and the most successful in the past decade

Myths And Misconceptions About Bitcoin

We often have misconceptions about many things. The trail of misconceptions builds myths and people started believing it. The misconceptions are produced by the lack of knowledge about that particular thing. Once we get to know about a matter in details, we stop building up misconceptions around it.

Bitcoin is not an exceptional one which has got rid of the misconceptions. Statistics from some official site say that 75% of US adults are acquainted about the term Bitcoin, but mostly they have misconceptions in their minds. To understand Bitcoin in a better way and capitalise in its uprising market, you must get rid of the misconceptions.

  1. It is Anonymous

Most of the people know that Bitcoin is a digital currency which is secure and decentralised but they don’t know that it is accessible for the public. Most of them, Bitcoin is anonymous. It is a lot easier to handle the transactions with real cash than Bitcoin. Though the transactions are secured with cryptography but this is not at all anonymous.

  1. It is Dangerous

It is a matter of fact that through Bitcoin many illegal transactions are made, but that doesn’t conclude with the idea that Bitcoin is used only by the criminals. With open and transparent cryptographic transactions the fraudulent exchange is barred.

  1. The Network is not Secure

Most o the people think that the network Bitcoin uses for the transactions is not safe. Rather, it is easier to hack the network and take control of your fund. This is basically a wrong idea. The transactions of Bitcoin is secured by blockchain and the cryptography is blockchain is unbreakable.

  1. It is for the Tech-savvy Only

To use and trade in Bitcoin, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Anyone with a moderate knowledge about technology can deal with Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows universal peer-to-peer exchange of value which enables people to get and receive payment from anywhere in the world.

Do you know any more myths around it? Share with us.

A Start-Up Kit For Selling On Ebay Products And Items Of Business

Want to sell items on eBay? That is a great decision. Almost everyone enjoys selling on eBay and buying merchandise as well. You probably have already collected the items that will be listed and even brainstormed the descriptions. There are additional tasks for you to complete before selling on eBay. All will make the process much easier and help you to present merchandise in the best possible manner. Here is an easy startup kit for men and women selling on eBay.

Digital Camera

It is best to invest in a digital camera if you plan on selling a number of items. Listings can be completed with photos taken from disposable cameras. However, you will save money in the long run. Digital cameras will help you save on processing charges from the local photo center. These extra savings can be used to enhance your listings when selling on eBay. Through the digital camera, the person can hop over to this site of ebay and get their products and items sold there. The value of the items will be more when the photography will be clear.

Digital cameras can be purchased for around $100. This will be used to capture the merchandise that is being listed on eBay. Auction listings that include pictures tend to sell faster than those without photos. Digital cameras are essential startup tools for selling on eBay. It should be a important part of your marketing kit.

Shipping Materials

If your eBay listing closes with a winning bid or purchase, the merchandise should be shipped as soon as possible. Searching for shipping supplies at the last minute will cause you to have an unnecessary stumbling block in the way. That is why it is important to have a good supply of shipping materials when selling on eBay. The kind of materials needed depends on the nature of your merchandise. If you had to ship the item today, what would you need? 0000 Take the answer to that question and begin shopping for those items. Shipping materials can include envelopes, boxes, labels and packing tape. Having these items nearby will help you to complete transactions efficiently. This is an important part of the startup kit for people selling on eBay. If numerous items are being listed and sold, shipping materials will come in handy.

Printer and Paper

It is helpful to have a printer set-up with available paper. Doing so will allow you to print labels, receipts and packing slips if desired. Those who have made a small business from selling on eBay should have these items. If you do not have a computer, make sure that you have access to one with an available printer. A receipt is always helpful for both you and the buyer when selling on eBay.

Payment Option Bundle

An important part of your startup kit when selling on eBay may cost you nothing. It includes making sure that payments can be made in a variety of ways. Offering flexible payment methods will help you complete transactions faster when selling on eBay. One of the payment options worth offering is Paypal. It is easy to sign up and apply to become a verified member. Doing so will help you to collect payments through credit cards, debit cards and other means.

Extra Cash

Everyone selling on eBay should have extra cash to get started. That is because there eBay charges basic listing fees for placing items up for auction. Even if you do not have to pay these fees up front, it is important that the money is set aside when the time comes to pay them. You also need extra cash when selling on eBay for listing enhancements. These could include special listing options that may attract more buyers to your merchandise.

Teaching Your Teen Credit Card Responsibility

The role you play as a parent is diverse and challenging. Among myriad lessons a parent must teach a child is that of fiscal responsibility. In our modern age where cash is a rarity, fiscal responsibility must include how to responsibly manage a credit card. If you feel your child is responsible enough to begin learning about credit cards, the following tips can help you make decisions that will support them.

The first option, with the most safety and least risk is to consider a prepaid credit card. This card works much like a debit card for your teen-aged child. With this card, you child can begin to learn to budget and spend responsibility, but they will not be able to incur any debt. With a prepaid credit card, you (or preferably your child and you) make an initial deposit on a card. This deposit becomes the limit, and when your child spends, that amount is depleted until it reaches $0. You or your child can reload the card when appropriate. The balance on the card will not earn interest, but their will be no debt to collect interest either.

An alternative to having a prepaid card that still offer parental control is to open a secured credit card. With this approach, you (or preferably your child) opens an account with an initial deposit. The amount of the deposit becomes the initial credit limit. This allows the child to learn how to spend responsibly, make payments on time, and respect a credit limit without a substantial risk. A reasonable initial deposit of $200 – $300 dollars will give your child spending freedom, and an important safety net. A benefit of this approach is that the initial balance typically earns interest while the card is secured.

If you feel that your teenage child is more responsible, consider requesting a credit card for your child on an account that you already have. This will allow your child to begin building a credit history without giving them the full freedom of their own card. The credit card will still be under your account, and it will be your responsibility. You will be able to manage and restrict how much they can spend, and how frequently they can use the card.

Another approach for a child’s first credit card would be to open a new account that lists you as the primary borrower and your child as a co-signer. This will ensure that the bills will come to you, and you will be able to closely monitor the spending and payments. If a payment is skipped, or if the spending goes beyond the credit card’s limit, you, as the primary borrower, are notified.

Which ever card program you choose, make sure you you set clear guidelines for credit use such as your pre-approval of all purchases, requiring that balances are paid off monthly, and that you sit down and review credit card statements with your child on a monthly basis.

Being the parent of a teenager can come with many difficulties. On of these unique challenges is helping them learn to use credit cards and manage credit responsibly. If you feel your child is ready, consider getting them a credit card. Be sure that the credit card program you choose is appropriate to your child’s fiscal responsibility.

In case the child is wayward then you have two options: either don’t give him a card at all or give him after having it registered in your name in order to keep a tab on his daily expenses. This is a freshbase idea that tends to have positive results.

Asset Based Lending Facilities for Canadian Firms

Asset based lending in Canada is a previously non traditional ( but becoming more traditional every year!) form of financing that significantly increases cash flow and working capital for Canadian business .

The two main drivers of an asset based line of credit facility in Canada represent the majority of every firm’s current assets or working capital assets – they are receivables and inventory. For any further step in finance business you must know that lender licensing is mandatory to avoid future hazard and to be at safer side.

Asset based Lending for Canadian firms differs from traditional chartered bank type financing in that lines of credit are made available against inventory and receivables on their own merit so to speak . What do we mean by that? Simply that these type of facilities are very non covenant based. Unlike bank operating facilities which have a lower cost of financing asset based lines of credit do not have covenants, rations, and significant external other collateral attached to them .

This type of business financing is very much formula driven, to the point where the Canadian business owner or financial manager always knows his or her working capital availability subject to current and projected sales growth . This type of financing works best because asset based lenders are experts in quality of receivables and value of inventory. In an asset based lending facility you are not taking on debt, you are simply liquidating receivables and inventory at a fast pace, and as you grow your working capital and cash grow commensurately with your sales and revenue growth!

Security for the facility is imply a charge on the assets being financing- as we have stated those assets include a/r and inventory, but in many cases equipment and real estate can be added on also . A general security agreement, commonly known to financiers as a ‘GSA ‘is taken as collateral for the facility, in exactly the same manner as a Canadian bank might take. This collateral is in effect the ‘underpinning’ of the facility.

A simple way to understand this new type of financing in Canada is to simply think of the assets being the collateral, not your overall balance sheet and financial strength and operating metrics.

Because you receive a higher margining or borrowing base in asset based lending there is more reporting required. As a business owner you can view that as a bad thing or a good think – many clients have told us the additional monthly reporting they do for their asset based lines of credit helps them understand their business better

In the case of the receivables component 90% of available a/r is financing, and depending on the overall quality and liquidation value of your inventory margins on the inventory component tend to be anywhere between 40-75% in our experience.

So whats the bottom line – is simply that there is a working capital and cash flow alternative to traditional charted bank financing of operating facilities. This alternative is called asset based lending. It has significant benefits to your firm, the predominant ones being increased borrowing and working capital generation for your Canadian business. Speak to a trusted and credible and experience advisor to discuss if it’s right for your firm.