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Pellet Gun Hunting- Your Ultimate Gun And Ammo Guide

Pellet guns are every gun lover’s dream. If you are planning to buy a pellet gun you must have detailed knowledge about it. The kind of pellet gun you choose determines how easy it is to shoot as well as maintain the gun. Having a knowledge of an ammo size chart could also be of great help. First, let’s take a look at types of pellet guns.

Spring Piston

These are the most famous pellet guns. They are easy to shoot and maintain. They are highly durable. If you are a beginner with pellet guns, it is advisable that you start with spring piston pellet guns.


Pneumatic pellet guns work through compressed air. These are of three types: pump-up, single- stroke, and PCP. Pump up pellet guns need to be pumped up to create the internal pressure to power the pellet. A single stroke pellet needs only one stroke to power the pellet. PCP comes in both single shot and multi-shot versions.

Gas Ram

These guns are cocked and shot the same way as spring-piston guns. The shots from these guns are smooth as the guns lack any metal spring inside. These guns are long-lasting.


As the name suggests, CO2 guns are powered by CO2. They are sensitive to temperature. Any rise or drop in temperature can affect the impact of the gun. So, it is advisable to let the gun adjust to the ambiance and then use it.

Using the correct types of pellets is also important for you to shoot optimally. There is a variety of pellets available in the market. Wadcutter pellets are good for competitive shooting events. Domed pellets hit hard at long distances. Pointed pellets are modeled to penetrate at medium ranges. Hollowpoint pellets can cause maximum damage.

Using correct ammunition with your pellet gun is vital. Choose wisely to upgrade your shooting skills.

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