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Pokemon: Black And White Review

This year’s favorite 2011 games is Pokemon Black and White. Now people tell me why I would pick over this game compared to better games with great high realistic graphic qualities? The reason is simple; the plot, the events, and collecting the pokemon. This is a really good game that should play. With animals generator you can learn abiut all the pokemons that are there in the game. You can learn about their stats and abilities as well, you can even share these stats with your friends. It is one of the most useful tool that pokemon lovers can use.

The plot in Pokemon revolves around you (Basically your male/female character in the game) where you get your first Pokemon from a professor in your hometown. After receiving your 1 pokemon, you start collecting more of your pokemon friends around the grass areas and even in caves. Eventually your goal in the game is to get all the required Gym badges and face the elite fours who are the top pokemon trainers in the world. You also have a rival (depending on what gender you choose, your rival becomes the opposite) who will constantly challenge you throughout the game with their own pokemon and will always improve with higher levels as you also improve to make it more challenging.

There is also an evil organization in every pokemon game that tries to harm or hurt the pokemon and use it for evil. Sometimes these organizations want to help pokemon as well. In Pokemon Black/White, The evil organization apparently doesn’t look as though its evil because their purpose is to free the pokemon from humans and to live in harmony with them without the use of confinements of Pokeballs (Your ability to carry pokemon while you travel).But there are some evil intentions within the group that shows throughout the game what their true purpose is. It usually involves a legendary pokemon which you have to fight and let me tell you if you don’t get your pokemon in tip top shape, it is going to be one of the most challenging fights in the game; an even more challenging event is trying to capture the legendary pokemon without fainting it.

There are various events like pokemon beauty competition. It is similar to battling with pokemon but instead of battling, you use your pokemon abilities to appeal the audience and receive points from it. The one with the highest points wins. There are many things you can do in this game but the true focus of why this is the number one game for me, especially, is that it has a plot that you can immerse yourself in that you can enjoy as well as entertain yourself. Also you are never too old to play this game.

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