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Simple Helpful Tweaks To Maximize Gaming On Windows 10 Pc

Windows 10 is a great operating system from Microsoft, but it doesn’t completely save gamers from lags and interruptions. Thankfully, there are helpful tweaks that would make your PC a perfect environment for online gaming. You can visit WF for the best guide, or read on for some quick advice.

Properly setting up your Windows 10 PC for Online Gaming

  1. Begin by upgrading your Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) drivers. Drivers connects the hardware and software parts of your PC for seamless functioning.For example, drivers connects your physical keyboard to the operating system to elicit on-screen response or movement. So, it’s wise to upgrade your drivers for better performance.
  2. Turn-off automatic updates from Windows. You wouldn’t want Windows suddenly shutting down your gaming app because updates are ready for download and installation. To disable updates, press Windows Key+I, click “Updates and Security” and go to “Windows Updates”.
  3. Disable the mouse acceleration feature which makes the cursor behave differently. It makes the mouse pointer move faster and smoother, but less accurate when used in some games. But feel free testing if such feature fits with your favorite game.
  4. If you’re using a laptop computer, pay attention to your power plan. You can set it to high performance mode which is helpful in boosting your resources. But keep an eye on your battery level to avoid interruptions because of critical battery level alerts. Consider plugging your laptop to an outlet as well.
  5. Finally, consider using software that helps optimizing your system. These apps would assist in removing unnecessary apps and files from your system to make it function smoothly. Manually deleting large or many unnecessary files in your folders does some wonders too.

Surely simple tweaks to do on your Windows 10 PC, aren’t they? Try doing these steps right away, and observe the boost these bring to your gaming experience. Be sure to visit WF for more info today.

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