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Smart homeowners count on Wall-hung bathroom Basins

Are you planning a bathroom makeover of late? Well, a basic is always a major aspect of bathroom. You are definitely checking out basin options for your newly refurbished bathroom of late. Have you thought of wall-mounted bathroom basins yet? These basins, as the name says, are mounted on the wall. They are fixed on the wall with the help of a small pedestal and they don’t carry any vanity cabinets. Wall-hung basins are a top favorite of smart homeowners today and for all the great reasons. The post below shares a brief on the major benefits of wall-mounted basins.

Great for space saving

This is certainly the #1 benefit of wall-hung basins. Modern apartments are usually mall in size and do not offer an elaborate space for bathroom. Wall-mounted basins are a lifesaver here. As they don’t carry a vanity cabinet, they keep the floor space free. This way, you always get more functional space in your bathroom. You can anyday install the vanity cabinet on the wall without disturbing the space beneath the basin. A quick browse across Bathroom and More Store website will show you various models of wall-mounted basins.

Sleek and clean outlook

Your bathroom is already loaded with multiple plumbing fixtures. You can’t avoid them as these are indispensable for a proper functioning bathroom. Now, when you add a regular basin (with vanity cabinet) to it, you only add on to the already present fixtures. Now, no one is telling you to avoid the basin. But you can at least try to avoid a cluttered look in the bathroom. And a wall-hung basin will be your savior here.

As it does not carry a cabinet under it, it helps to maintain a clean and sleek look which makes your lavatory even more relaxing.

Easy to maintain

The wall-hung basins carry just a small pedestal and hence are always a breeze to clean and maintain.

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