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Social Media Networking A New Innovation Of Today’s World!

Companies and organizations have found it advantageous to market their skills, products, services and specialized groups through social media networking. This new trend has proven to be cost effective for universities, businesses and special interest groups in promoting their agenda, causes and encouraging more participation without cold calling or door to door sales.

Social Media Networking: Advantages for small businesses

Business owners can reach a larger audience while engaging each individual customer and or client on a personal level. The interaction with customers or clients provides immediate feedback regarding new products and services as they are being launched. It also provides the owners with data from high traffic locations and referrals to their site, social media networking if used properly can be a powerful and useful tool for business owners and organizations of any size.

Support Groups: Bipolar/Depression

This group provides several tools and resources to help educate you or a love one on your diagnosis, empowers you to manage your illness and provide support groups online and in a traditional setting. This organization was established by members that has some form of mood disorders themselves, there is no us versus them mentality among these beautiful professionals. The support groups in social media networking not only provide you with a safe haven if you will, it provides you the necessary help and support from people who shares and understands your journey.


Many universities around the country provide networking opportunities for their current and previous students. The sites normally provide a variety of topics that may include but are not limited to; resume writing, career workshops, and success stories on current and previous graduates, available programs, partnerships and quarterly events. Social media networking allows universities to market themselves to a diversified audience without leaving their campus. Schools have become flexible as society demands have change; they now have national and regional accredited universities online as well as the traditional campus.

Non Profit Organizations: MADD

As an advocate for several non -profit organizations, social media networking allows our organizations to recruit participants in our walk-a-thons, marathons, and fundraiser events and bring awareness to social issues that have been placed on the back burner. It allows us to reach a broader audience without any aggressive recruiting strategy. We now provide testimonies of previous survivors, webinars of conferences and other events that are coming soon in your area. This network provides survivors a support group and an opportunity to use their personal tragedy to help save lives while educating their community on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Games  amp; Email

A recent study completed by Nielsen (researcher) showed that the average American spend about 10.2% of their time playing games through a social media network and 8.3% of their time checking email from family and friends and  much more regarding these popular social media handles are available on  https://socialized.me/free-instagram-followers/, we can check this out for more information. Regardless of the many features available on lets you to get information about these handles. Social media networking, according to his study 40% of Americans spend most of their time on three activities which includes; email, games and social networking. Social media networking has empowered businesses, organizations and end users to find one another, with a just a click away.

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