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Summer Holidays- Joie De Vivre

What is the best time of the year? How do you plan to spent your leisure time? What is the best place to visit during this time?

These are the questions that come to mind when you are planning to take time out for your limbs and your family’s demands, which are their natural rights of course.

Regarding the first question, festivals are considered to be the best times where the entire family comes together to celebrate an auspicious occasion that comes but once a year.

A time which helps you to recharge the familial bonds and renewed hopes that make bitterness and hostility evaporate into thin air as though they never existed in the first place.

But the most important members whose needs and demands are more than others are the young children. Their word is no less than law and naturally the parents have to cater to their whims and caprices as they are the first priority above all else.

The children are given a two month break from school during the summer in the form of holidays that it is a golden opportunity to spent as much time with them as possible.

Summer holidays is the one occasion where the entire family can go out and spent quality time in the lap of nature that can be the best possible destination for some much needed peace and quiet as they provide respite from the busy city life.

As it is a fun time for the whole family, it has to be planned well in advance as it takes a lot of time to plan, organize and implement everything to the very last detail.

The December school holiday guide are manuals that can give valuable information on how to plan such times accordingly: be it picnics, camps, field trips, travelling abroad, it is a treasure trove of sorts that can act as your friend, philosopher and guide.

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