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Super Smash Bro Brawl Review

When I first played Melee I thought it was the fun and had blast. I thought no other game can come close to what Melee does. However, Nintendo released brawl and i’m simply amazed at the game play and visuals. However, many gamers will be quite disappointed when they see that ‘wave dashing’ is gone from the game. I assume that Nintendo wanted all gamers of all sorts to enjoy the game. Lots of players who have played in tournaments know how crucial ‘wave dashing’ is to winning but not anymore in Brawl. Brawl has become an all skill game without ‘wave dashing’. Super smash bro brawl is a real fun games that can be enjoyed with friends and family over the internet. pussy 888 is another option that you can look at for more detailed storyline, gameplay, music, and graphic reviews. Here is my total review on the game.


As usual, the story involved Mr. Hand but has another great enemy which is some kind of sphere. He takes most of the characters souls and makes them trophies. Players must go through the game and collect these trophies in order to unlock some of the characters. What makes the story a blast to go through is going through it with a friend! Yes, co-op is two player in brawl and both of you will be smashing things left and right!


The game play is solid and very fun. The co-op in story mode just takes the cake and makes Brawl above most games in Co-op mode. However, we all know the fun is in multiplayer where the battles can get crazy and players fly all over the map! There is also this new move called the smash attack. These are very powerful strikes that will heavily damage an enemy or instantly kill them! Every character has their own move set and power attacks unlike Melee where Pichu is a rip off of Pikachu. Speaking of which, some characters did not make the cut but it’s not enough to hurt the game.


It wouldn’t me Super Smash Brothers without the epic music. Some of the music are forgettable but with the option to change the music for that currect stage, players don’t have to worry about boring music. Every stage has there own set of songs. I’m sure that one of those songs will catch your attention and take you in the game! Enjoyable and fun to listen to.


Are better then Melee which it should. It is enjoyable and fun to watch with the background being very beautiful. The interaction of the background also makes fighting other players a huge panic. Every character has a touch up and there are plenty of new stages to brawl on.


The big F word is definitely there because everyone who plays Brawl always leaves with a smile wanting more. I’ve been to all kinds of parties ranging from birthday to fraternity/sorority parties and it doesn’t dissappoint. I’m not saying leave it on the entire day but leave it on enough and people will start watching or playing. It is more fun playing with other players because there is no point in playing the game again or fighting computer controlled characters. It is extremely fun and I hope you enjoy.

Closing Comments: Brawl is fun. That is as simple as it can get. Many gamers will enjoy it and it gives room to improve. Probably one of the best games going for the Wii now so sit back and enjoy the show.


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