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The 4 Types Of Web Hosting For Businesses

We understand the needs of a growing industry. The type of resources it needs and the kind of investment behind the advertisement is necessary. But the heart of a company lies in its website. A good website is utterly essential for customer retention. Even for the seamless flow of work at the entire company, it needs to be on point. Web hosting has caught up in the past few years. It is the process of hosting your website not on a physical server but on cloud servers. But when it comes to web hosting, there are quite a few options to choose from.

Shared web hosting could be the most economical option but it is certainly not the best option. In shared web hosting, you don’t own the entire server to yourself, rather you share it with a few other companies who also are putting up their websites on the same server. The resources of the server are shared so if there is a busy site on the server, you are left with very little bandwidth. However, if you buy dedicated server, then you can have the entire server to yourself. With dedicated web hosting, you get a team of IT personnel working full time just to maintain your server. Dedicated servers are seamless, flawless, secure and fast.

If your site does not deal with high traffic and you want to go for a shared server, you can consider getting a VPS. A VPS or virtual private server is a huge value for money. Here the resources of the server are shared equally among all the sites and even the number of websites is limited to just 20 each server. Cloud hosting is another form of VPS hosting, only on a large scale. In cloud hosting, one enjoys the resources from multiple servers which are ideal for a site dealing with huge traffic. It is also immune to cyber-attacks.

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