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The Short History and Value of Social Media

Social Media may not be as new a concept as people think, although it is a new term only due to the technology that exists today. In reality, Social Media goes back as far as the speech was first invented. Social Media, for lack of a better term, was first discovered by yourself when eavesdropping on a conversation or crossing the threshold on your first day of school. It is simply put, “Gossip.” When you hear the word “gossip,” you associate it with something bad, and yes it can be, but with the rise of technology, this new version of gossip has proven to be more beneficial in so many ways.

Social Media is all about advertising much as gossip was is well. Whether you are advertising a product or service or even yourself, this current form of gossip can deliver your message not just to your best friend across the street but to people looking to share in the knowledge you have clear across the world. Click on here is the easy ways to buy Instagram to know more about social media platforms like Instagram and buying Instagram views and likes.

With the creation of the MySpace and Facebook platforms, Social Media has become your number one form of direct advertising. Social Media delivers your specifications, your information, your testimonials, and your product and/or service directly to your customers without having nothing more to do than to spend a few minutes each day talking about yourself.

But you ask, “Why am I talking about myself?” The reason why is because it is you that stands behind your product and/or service. It is you that created your product and/or service to some extent. It is you that must deliver your product and/or service to some extent… and in the end, it is only you that collects the rewards. Social Media is a true word of mouth advertising, which is still the best advertising known today.

People are likely to choose you not based on what your product or service has to offer but based on how you can offer your product and/or service to your customer. In other words, go back to your school days and remember when the football hero wore a pair of jeans that everybody had to have or when the cheerleader wore a type of lipstick that you needed in order to be noticed. People would go out and get those things because it made those people get noticed… feel liked they belonged somewhere. They didn’t get paid to wear it or to have it, but yet it still made a lot of money for the company.

It’s all about the value of the person representing it and using the simple gift of social media (i.e., sharing with their friends to get the message across and show others why it was important to have that particular item). Today the process is still the same but the technology is more advanced to get the message across nationally and globally. Therefore your opportunities have just multiplied. Do not be afraid to advertise yourself because your best business deal can come is a single moment that starts with “Hello”.

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