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The Top 3 Adventure Board Games To Play

It can be very hard to classify and rank the best of the best board games to play accurately because of its many considering factors like variations, genres, prices, difficulties, and many more. One popular genre when it comes to these games is adventure board games.

Since the early ‘80s, people are already well-aware of adventure games like dragons and castles. While it is still popular now, there have already been a lot of improvements that were made. With that, here are some of the top adventure board games to play.

  1. Gloomhaven

A perfect description of this board game is that it requires great tactical skills. The board game was released around the latter part of 2017, and it had already gained 40,000 fans to start. It was also considered as the best adventure board game that was released during that year, which shows the great success of this game.

  1. A Game of Thrones

This board game was inspired by the novel of George R.R. Martin that was entitled “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This game requires many negotiations, tactics, planning, and diplomacy as the game progresses forward. Another great characteristic of this game is that it is always balanced between the players.


  1. Runewars

If you’re looking for a great multiplayer adventure board game, Runewars is a no-brainer. There can be 2 to 4 possible players on the game map in which they would negotiate, fight, battle, strategize against each other. Multiple characters also have unique abilities and skills.

One attractive thing about board games is that it gives the players a good story, thrilling experiences, and great themes. While most adventure board games may seem very complex, the adventure would be fun and challenging rather than just playing Judi bola.

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