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Tips To Promote Your App

There is a huge competition in the app market. So it can get really tough to have people learn about your app and use it. A mobile app is a great way to reach out to your consumers in today’s world. There are quite a few ways in which you can promote your app among masses. You can choose to buy downloads for your app, but if organic reach is what you are looking for, follow the below tips.

App Store Optimization

ASO or App Store Optimization works in a similar way as SEO for websites. Ensure that your app has a unique name and the description contains relevant keywords.

This helps your app to appear in the top search results of similar type of apps. The description should also be kept updated with recent bug fixes and release notes.

Collaborate with influencers

Social media is hugely influenced by bloggers and influencers. You need to find the one whose content is best suited to the niche of your business and app. Also ensure that they have a good organic following and not banking on fake followers. Organic following can actually help your app to reach out to real people.

Include the app in your digital marketing strategies

You should make mentions of your app in your emails, blogs and official website. If you have a pre-established website, your old visitors get to know about your app from the same. You can even get bloggers to write on your app and send them download links to include in their posts.


A trusted and age-old tradition of promoting any new launch in the market is via advertising. You can run promotions in various channels, including the app store itself. Advertising on social media is another great way to let users know of your app.

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